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Recruiting Technicians Using an AI-Powered Talent Platform

sacramento, california, December 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The hiring process has a direct impact on a company’s ability to attract and retain top talent. And hiring managers will be the first to admit that the traditional hiring process is neither smooth nor exciting.street SHRM, 88% of companies worldwide are already using some form of AI to streamline their hiring, onboarding, and upskilling processes. However, the level of automation in HR still lags behind other business functions such as sales and marketing.

(PRNewsfoto/Clapself, Inc.)

(PRNewsfoto/Clapself, Inc.)

“Overall candidate experience, recruitment costs, and the time it takes to fill a position continue to be major concerns for hiring managers,” he said. Anuj Kanishco-founder and CEO Clapself.

Takes 42-52 days and costs $4,000 To $20,000 Fill open positions according to that’s right.

However, the actual cost per hire will depend on many factors, including required skill sets, available talent pool, required screening, people and processes involved, urgency of the position, and business impact.

“All things considered, the value of the right hire can easily exceed four times the salary for the position,” he adds. Dave SandersManaging Partner WorldBridge Partners, and Advisor to Clapself.

More and more recruiters are turning to AI talent platform Like Clapself, who hit his tech hiring goal.

“By adopting AI in the HR process, hiring managers, talent acquisition and recruiting teams are freed from mundane, repetitive and high-volume tasks such as candidate sourcing and screening.” Ramna Sharmaco-founder and CPO Clapself.

AI-equipped Hiring engineers HR and TA teams can now focus more on high-value aspects of the hiring and talent development process, such as building relationships and improving the overall candidate experience.

Clapself uses a combination of AI and human intelligence to source, pre-vet, onboard, and upskill the right candidates from a global talent pool. Its prescreening engine evaluates job seekers for technical skills, soft skills and cultural fit to find the best candidates.

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Clapself is an AI-powered talent platform that enables independent technical professionals to engage with companies to mutually influence and benefit. Clapself’s mission is to help professionals and businesses succeed in the new age of work.Head office location sacramento, california, Clapself is a remote-first organization. For more information, see:

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