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Most Popular Yelp Business Blog Posts of 2022 | Yelp

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Running a business is not a full-time job and taking the time to explore new growth strategies can be difficult. Luckily, you don’t have to hunt around for ideas. Check out the top 10 most read business articles of 2022 to accelerate your success in 2023.

From building Yelp business pages to converting sales, here’s what entrepreneurs like you didn’t get enough of this year.

Getting your first few reviews can feel like the most important thing when you bring your business online. Opening the door to customer feedback is key to growth, as reviews essentially serve as word-of-mouth marketing for him. Set yourself up for success with these 5 effective ways to get your first review on Yelp.

When consumers ask for a quote, they want fast, detailed answers, and they’re also checking your competitors. That’s why it’s important that your business stands out. To turn a request for information into a real job, let’s learn how to win customers with these 4 tips.

There are over 20 free features to choose from when creating and updating Yelp pages. A typical listing includes basic business information, photos, and reviews, but with a little tweaking, your page can really stand out. Find 5 hidden gems that you can add for free.

Paws on Chicon Yelp Business Page

Whether you’re looking for quick answers online, looking for business tips, or simply need to talk to a human, we’re here to help.

The Know is Yelp’s newsletter for small businesses. From event marketing to evolving consumer behavior, expert resources are delivered to your email. Delivered every other Friday, The Know features the latest news, advice, and tips to help you start, run, and grow your business. Plus, get information about virtual events, occasional giveaways, and more.

96% of review readers pay attention to how a company responds to reviews, demonstrating how important a company’s response is when consumers choose where to spend their money. It’s not just what consumers say about your business that matters, it’s what you give back. These tips for replying to reviews can help you navigate even the nastiest feedback.

97% of people buy after visiting Yelp. So if someone in your area is searching her Yelp for your type of business, you need to stand out as a potential candidate. Yelp Ads help drive people back to your Yelp page by promoting your business in key areas across your site and mobile he apps, including above search results and on your competitors’ business pages.

Critical reviews are a reality for most companies, but it doesn’t stop there. Learn what’s behind 1-star reviews, how to handle important feedback professionally, and how to reduce the impact on your business’ reputation.

Hear from leading customer service author, consultant, and trainer Jeff Toister about his system for analyzing reviews to enhance your customer service efforts and gain a competitive edge. In addition, it reveals the hidden benefits of receiving critical reviews. Sneak Peek: All you need is a Yelp page, pen and paper.

Yelp Review Analysis Checksheet

Many Yelp users are ready to buy when they search for local businesses on Yelp. Get ahead of them (and ahead of your competitors) by creating an amazing complete Yelp page.

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