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Mitchell business owner donates drone to Davison County Sheriff’s Office, adding ‘essential tool’ to military – Mitchell Republic

MITCHELL — The Davison County Sheriff’s Office has added the first drones to its force, thanks to a local business owner.

After learning the sheriff’s office needed to buy a drone, Triple Play Pawn Shop owner Josh Peterson donated about $4,000 in flying camera devices to help local law enforcement help the Mitchell community. We’ve made it possible to add tools to protect and serve .

“This is our way of giving back to the community that has been so kind to us,” Peterson said of his generous donation.

Drones have been an integral part of law enforcement for years, and Davison County Sheriff Steve Herr says drones will become an essential tool in a wide variety of cases.

From search-and-rescue missions to pursuits, Herr said the new drones will make the Davison County Sheriff’s Office more versatile.

“We have been trying to get it for a while. “It will be a great tool to help people,” Haar said.

According to Harr, law enforcement agencies are using drones to investigate vehicle crashes and extensive vandalism damage investigations.

Noting that the South Dakota Highway Patrol recently assisted the sheriff’s department, Herr noted that the drone’s ability to visually capture vehicle crashes and vandalism damage in hard-to-reach areas is one of these said the incident was a major factor in the growing number of agencies phasing out 2D cameras. In the ransacked farmer’s field.

“For car crashes, drone footage is the new way to go,” says Herr. “For example, if someone drives past a stop sign and crashes into another car, instead of taking a picture, we can find out how far the cars are from each other. You can fully visualize what is there.”


Stuffed into the case is the drone donated by Josh Peterson to the Davison County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday, December 20, 2022 at Triple Play Pawn.

Adam Surley / Mitchell Republic

While the sheriff’s office hasn’t had to lead the response to mass shootings in recent years, Herr said other agencies in the Mitchell area would use drones to handle shootings and armed suspects. For example, during the 2014 Mitchell Hotel shooting, police officers used flying camera technology to help guide them, Harr said. said.

Rather than relying on other agencies to bring in drones, the Davison County Sheriff’s Office will have its own agency with a lieutenant who is licensed and experienced in flying drones.

With the recent hiring of Davison County Deputy Sheriff Grant Lanning, who holds a drone pilot license, the device is now ready for use by local agencies.

“He’s licensed and has experience flying drones. It’s really great that Grant[Lanning]is ready to use it and help other officers learn how to use it,” Herr said. Told.

Harr said he hopes to get another police officer qualified to operate the drones.

To obtain a drone pilot license, you must pass an exam administered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

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