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Mike Armour, leadership expert, author, and consultant with timely strategies featured on close-up radio

DALLAS, Texas, USA, Dec. 30, 2022 / — Over the decades, Mike Armour (or Dr. Mike as he is popularly known) has demonstrated outstanding leadership in a wide range of fields. I have compiled a record of He is a multi-dimensional achiever, especially in his 50+ entrepreneurial management, leadership, cultural change and start-up focused executives who are consistently in demand as his coaches, business his advisors and trainers. there is. For his leadership and credibility, and as a dynamic speaker, he is a best-selling author in his category for multiple businesses.

At the beginning of the year when new goals, resolutions and business concepts come to mind, Dr. Mike focuses his radio show and wisdom on people thinking about starting a business. He explores timely and interesting themes such as the stages of business development, why so many new businesses fail each year, the wisdom of starting a business in a bad economy, and family businesses as business partnerships.

Dr. Mike holds a Ph.D. from UCLA and has accumulated years of experience and wisdom in demanding leadership roles, including Navy captain, university president, CEO of an international humanitarian organization, and CIO of a national intelligence agency. I was. This is why his advice is embraced by leaders in nearly every sector (government, private sector, non-profit, etc.) and companies of all sizes and scope, from start-ups to Fortune-ranked established companies. The reason is.

His ability to plan and engineer business growth and economic gain (he is known for turning companies on the brink) has never been more valuable than it is today. follow through. It is also a time when many are thinking about new or different career options or even owning a business.

Those who know Mike well identify him with executive coaches Tony Robbins and Marshall Goldsmith. Yet he differs from any other coach, trainer or motivational speaker in the diversity and depth of his background. Michael Armor has a great voice and a clear passion that makes this radio his series informative and dynamic.

Dr. Mike founded his flagship organization Strategic Leadership Development International (or SLDI) and its LeaderPerfect service to help companies and individuals achieve peak performance. For more information on these services, please visit Mike Armour’s genius is also behind his other business-oriented websites, including Start Ups Done Right.

Close Up Radio will feature Dr. Mike Armor in a series of discussions every Monday at 2:00 pm with Doug Llewelyn on January 2, 9, 16 and 23 and Jim Masters on January 30. To do.

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