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K-netizens discuss numerous artists leaving YG Entertainment in 2022

2022 was a little bumpy YG entertainment Because many artists have decided to let go of their labels.

It is common for artists to look for an agency when their contract with their label expires, but an unusual number of artists left YG Entertainment this year.

starts with big bang member Upfollowed by Taeyang When Taisei, All three have announced that they are parting ways with YG Entertainment. TOP announced to leave YG Entertainment in February this year, and Taeyang announced to transfer to YG Entertainment. black label, an affiliate of YG Entertainment. Soon after, Daesung also revealed that he was leaving YG Entertainment. now, G-Dragon He is the only BIGBANG member remaining in YG.

Not only that, but 2 treasure The members decided to let go of the label this year. Right after promoting for 2 years with TREASURE, Ban Ye Dam When Mashiho I chose to leave the group and my agency. Bang Yedam decided to leave YG Entertainment, explaining that he wanted to pursue his dream as a producer.

YG Entertainment has already lost many artists this year, but on December 30th, the agency announced that all six members of iKON have decided to leave the label. With all six members leaving YG Entertainment, a total of 11 artists will leave YG Entertainment in 2022.

Additionally, K netizens have noticed that there is an actor under YG Entertainment whose contract is about to expire, hoping that more celebrities may leave the company.

Netizens said, “Wow, everyone is leaving YG.” “Now, there are singers and actors who are leaving YG due to their contract expiring…I heard that BLACKPINK is also going to Black Label, but what will happen to YG?” is really shocking. YG will collapse soon.” “I hope BI will rejoin iKON.” When “Current YG: ????”

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