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Georgia Tech vs. Virginia – Men’s Basketball — Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Andy Demetra | Yellow Jacket Voice

Virginia’s unofficial school song, “The Good Old Song,” is set to the music of “Auld Lang Syne.”

It’s only fitting, then, that Georgia Tech (7-5, 0-2) welcomes the No. 13 Cavaliers to the McCamish Pavilion to resume ACC games on New Year’s Eve. The Yellow Jackets needed a 10-day recharge after being frustrated in his ACC’s home opener against Clemson. Virginia (9-2, 1-1 ACC), Josh Pastner’s preseason pick for his ACC champion dropped his final conference game to Miami, but aims for his 10th straight win against Tech increase.

The ball is chipped before it drops. Perhaps Tech can try to recreate the last time he hosted his December 31st ranked ACC opponent.

As we prepare for Tech’s final game before the calendar turns to 2023, enjoy my chart top notes (12pm, Legends Sports’ Georgia Tech Sports Network):

Miles Kelly has scored 44 points in his last three games for Tech, 34 of them in the second half. (Photo by Danny Kurnick)

At first glance, Virginia’s roster looks like a glitch.

Did the site admin forget to update last season’s roster page? No, the Cavaliers returned all five starters from last year’s team, including two All-ACC players who chose to use their COVID year. As a result, Virginia returned her NCAA highest score. 91.4 percent of goals scored from last season, including 58 out of 63 points Scored in a win over Georgia Tech in Charlottesville.

That helped the Cavaliers move up to No. 2 in the national rankings before sliding in the last two games. Among the Cavaliers’ top repeaters:

  • At 5-foot-10, Kihei Clarke (11.2 points average, 5.5 assists average) leads the ACC in assists and is a shrewd and clever point guard with a knack for shooting tough like Alvarado. He drives the paint and is adept at passing out or pump-faking on fouls and crafty shots.
  • Forward Jaden Gardner (11.8 points/6.0 rebounds) was the main mismatch maker in last year’s game, breaking Tech’s zone with elbow jumpers, catch-and-rips and drives from the short corner. His 26 points in the jackets for a tenacious man with six to seven fouls Best ACC season for him. The Cavaliers will take over Ben Vanderplath from Ohio State from his sixth grade to his eighth grade.
  • 6-foot-4 Ahman Franklin (10.7 points average, 3 points 40%) struggled on tech last year, but he’s been well off the screen and lurks as a catch-and-shoot threat on the perimeter.

The Cavaliers played their final game without guard Reese Beekman (9.4 average, 5.1 average) due to a prolonged hamstring injury. The 6-year-old, 3-year-old, 190-pound junior is Virginia’s best slasher and floor-breaking playmaker. Technicals can’t get away from the cutter early in Virginia’s mover-blocker offense and need to keep their discipline in the second half of the shot clock, and the Cavaliers have also recently had a three-pointer with uneven shooting from his range. is suffering from performance issues. Are they making a more coordinated effort to attack off the dribble (as Virginia teams are ranked)? 5th in Japan at the free throw rate)?Are they going to get Kadin Shedrick, 6-11, and Francisco Cafalo, 7-1, more involved in blowing up defenders with duck-ins? Worth noting: Synergy says Virginia faces 2.6% Zone of Offensive Possessions this year. Will it work in Tech’s favor on Saturday?


In Virginia’s 66-46 victory over Albany on Wednesday, Clarke mark price Tenth most played time in ACC history.

Of course, Price did it in one less season, averaging a staggering 36.5 minutes per game over a four-year career.

Deivon Smith played the last 59 minutes without turning the ball over. (Photo by Danny Kurnick)

In his last three games at the McCamish Pavilion, Miles Kelly 10 points in the first half…and 34 points in the secondHis 3-point shot split is even more amazing.

Miles Kelly vs. Georgia, Alabama, Clemson

point FG 3pt.
first half Ten 3/18 (16.7%) 2/12
Latter half 34 11 out of 16 (68.8%) 6/8

Virginia played Albany without Beekman, an ACC All-Defensive guard who likely has a tracking device on Kelly. Georgia Tech can’t force his drive dribbling or failing to make a jump stop in the paint. Virginia wants to center the action in the pack line defense. You also need to headhunt the screen well and not get swallowed by the Virginia hedge (note: Devon Smith became impressive 59:06 since committing the last turnover).

The Yellow Jackets did a better job in scoring gains second and third side At half court with Clemson. This could be important for a Virginia team that limits transitions and early offensive shots. It sounds absurd considering they rank 19th in the nation for defensive efficiency – or maybe it just shows their extremely high defensive standards – but the Cavaliers are determined to keep their are dealing with more failures and late-game closeouts than we’re used to seeing.The athleticism of Jalon Moore and Ja’von Franklin could be key in the ‘4’ and ‘5’ spots.


Gardner will enter Saturday’s game with 2,113 career points. This is his fourth-highest number among active players in the country.

for perspective, Rodney Howard, Kyle Sturdevant, Javon Franklin, Lance Terry, Devon Smith When devo coleman entered the season with 2,132 career points.

It may have been overshadowed, but Stardivant’s 14 points against Clemson tied his career-high in ACC play.


Freshman guard Isaac McNeely made his first career start for Virginia on Wednesday, scoring five points in 27 minutes. Poca High School, where he won back-to-back West Virginia Gatorade Player of the Year awards.

Unfortunately, his bio fills in the lead a bit.It doesn’t mention his high school nickname. pokadot.


You are now ready to go. Join Legend Sports for pre-game coverage on the Georgia Tech Sports Network starting at 11:30 a.m. ET. See you in McCamish.


You are now ready to go. Join Legends Sports for pre-game coverage on the Georgia Tech Sports Network starting at 7:00 PM ET. See you at the McCamish Pavilion.


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