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10 Signs of True Leadership Prince Harry Showed in Netflix Documentary

new Netflix series Harry & Meghan It has been controversial.

Some people love it, some people hate it.

What is clear is that it is not what everyone expected.

Prince Harry, in particular, is undoubtedly a mature young man with a great deal of integrity.

Here are the main signs that he is a true leader who will not back down in the face of pressure or public turmoil.

1) willingness to serve

The first sign of true leadership shown by Prince Harry in the Netflix documentary is the fact that he’s more than just himself.

Harry knows his life is far from typical and has commented on it many times.

However, from an early age, he made efforts to escape the royal rat race, including volunteering in Lesotho, Africa, and participating in charity work.

Eventually he joined the military, but instead of a brief, ceremonial officer stint at Sandhurst like his brother did, Harry actually became a soldier.

Harry served in the British Army for ten years, including two tours in Afghanistan, attaining the rank of Captain.

He admits that this set him apart from many members of his family who did not have the same length or kind of experience in the military.

Harry considers the lifelong friends he meets in the military and deployment to be his ‘second family’, with whom he has very close ties.

As he said, living and working with ordinary working-class people in life-or-death situations completely changed him.

“The bubble within the bubble I grew up in has burst.”

2) Admit your mistakes

Harry & Meghan have perhaps “woke up” and have taken several stances against promoting a critical view of traditional institutions of power, including white people as a social and racial force. garnered criticism.

Nonetheless, no one, regardless of ethnicity, would argue that the British royal family has historically been an imperial machine of formidable power underpinned by deep-rooted tensions of racism and injustice.

Despite its many important achievements, there is no doubt that the British Empire was at least partially stratified along racial lines, with kings and queens at the top.

Harry admits that his background blinded him to the experiences of many people, including those who were neither white nor rich.

As he said, “We don’t see the world as it is, we see the world as it is.”

This is a clear sign of maturity and leadership. Because whether he agrees with Harry on racism against Meghan or the issues of the modern royal family, it’s a sign of a mature leader that he owns his own privilege and background.

3) Willingness to navigate difficult relationships

Prince Harry and Meghan quickly fell in love and soon realized they weren’t just in love.

But the odds were stacked against them from the start, with malicious rumor mills fed by the press and “royal correspondents” working with Buckingham Palace gossip men.

This made the relationship difficult, as did Meghan’s subsequent problems with her family.

The sad thing about a lot of it was that it had absolutely nothing to do with Harry and Meghan, or their love for each other.

But all of this drama had a huge impact on them.

Nonetheless, Harry and Meghan have found a way to look at their relationship positively and positively and have stayed together.

In fact, they see their union as the union of two wholes. Both were interested in activism and volunteerism long before they met and chose to focus on their mutual strengths and natural affinity for each other’s missions in life.

As Harry says:

“What she was doing, what I was doing, all of this led to this beautiful marriage.”

4) Brutal Honesty

Prince Harry shows leadership by being brutally honest in this documentary.

Some have accused him of showing dirty laundry or being overly dramatic, but if anything, he’s very restrained.

He’s simply telling the truth about how his late mother, Diana, was brutally hunted down by the bloodthirsty press…

Regarding his new wife being racially and personally vilified in various ways by palace officials and the media…

He tells the truth about his own experiences with the world and how he came to know it.

That doesn’t mean he believes the royal family is all crap, or that he completely dismisses a potentially positive and benevolent version of the Commonwealth.

That means he’s willing to “go there” when it comes to matters of royalty, wealth, privilege, and ethnicity.

For example, at one point in the series, Meghan talks about how strange it was for her to learn to bow to the Queen and pay homage to her.

Harry looks a little uncomfortable and might agree to some extent, but he doesn’t laugh about it.

The point is, he recognizes that he still has real respect for royalty and his late grandmother.

5) Refuse to be emotionally blackmailed

After giving birth to Archie, Meghan experienced suicidal thoughts as a result of media persecution and abuse of her by family members and rumors.

Harry was under a lot of pressure to force her to stop speaking out and fully conform to royal protocol.

However, as the series points out, Meghan has often been accused of minor protocol violations that William’s wife Kate Middleton has praised.

This double standard is troubling enough on its own.

But the way Harry and Meghan were treated poorly and pressured to shut up about it was certainly ugly.

But one of the 10 signs of true leadership that Prince Harry showed in the Netflix documentary is his complete refusal to be marginalized or emotionally blackmailed.

In fact, he spoke so loudly about it that he was told to stop whining about racism and his treatment of the media in silence.

6) Love without codependence

Relationships are difficult and even serious love can quickly turn into codependency.

This is where one or both partners rely on each other for their well-being and sense of self.

But Harry and Meghan don’t.

According to the documentary and their friends, their strong bond isn’t codependent.

They trust each other and rely on each other in many ways, but they do not expect each other to improve their lives or provide happiness.

“H and I are really good at finding each other in the chaos,” Meghan said in Episode 4.

They are both strong individuals and offer a lot to a relationship.

Together they are strong, but alone they are neither helpless nor weak.

7) Respect your family

Some critics say the new series is a cash grab, by showing the dirty laundry of why Harry chose to live his life in the United States instead of staying on the royal circuit. , stated that Harry disrespects his family.

However, looking at this objectively, it’s clear that Harry actually respects his family above all else.

He repeats over and over again that he wants the best for him and his family. So Meghan, him, and his baby Archie.

But come to think of it, Harry also pays tribute to his late mother, Diana. have taken steps.

Instead of prioritizing his royal role over that of his husband, he puts his wife and children first.

8) Marriage for love

There is no doubt that Harry married for love, just like his father Charles.

However, while Charles has attempted to resettle into a more royal role and avoid controversy, Harry remains a major focus of media and public attention, especially after his separation from Diana.

According to Harry, this is one of the reasons for the Netflix series. Harry wanted him and Meghan to actually have a widely accessible platform to tell their side of the story.

While some of what happened to them and the royal family leaked out, Harry wanted him and his wife to be able to hear them well enough to tell them what had happened.

There’s no doubt Harry could have married someone who was less controversial, British, wholly white, and who didn’t generate as much interest or potential controversy as Meghan.

But he didn’t. he married for love.

That’s what leaders do: Stay true to their hearts and what they really want, even when everyone else is screaming in their faces that they’re stupid or wrong.

9) Being a caring and involved father

Another undeniable sign of true leadership that Prince Harry showed in the Netflix documentary is that he’s a good father.

It’s clear that young Archie is the focus of his and Meghan’s lives, bringing great joy to both.

Not all men want to be involved in their young son or daughter’s life, but Harry does.

Demonstrating true leadership in society, work, and relationships is admirable.

Showing that as a parent goes a step further, and it seems that there is no one who doesn’t admire how Harry plays an active role in his young son’s life.

Harry is a good dad, and that’s something the audience can inspire and look up to.

10) Create your own life path

The next sign of true leadership shown by Prince Harry in the Netflix documentary is the idea of ​​carving his own path in life.

Harry was born with his whole life laid before him.

He could have lived as privileged royalty, never stepped out of line, and spent the rest of his life smiling, shaking hands, and coasting on.

He may have played a game of privilege by marrying the person he was expected to be.

But he didn’t…

Harry saw his mother chased and gossiped to death, went through divorce and the hardships of young adulthood, got into trouble, and even physically clashed with the press.

These factors, along with his own strong personality, led him down a different path.

He ended up going his own way, and in the end, this proved to be less than acceptable to the royal family.

The idea that he took a different path and went his own way to become more famous and make money makes no sense.

He says he did it because he believes that following his own unique path in life is meaningful to him and necessary to protect his family and wife. is.

Harry carved his own way in life. Ultimately, everyone has to decide to some extent whether to forge their own path or follow the path already taken by others.

being a true leader

A true leader is ultimately willing to learn and serve.

Powerful people who push others away are never leaders.

Experiencing the downsides of royal power and growing up in a famous family prompted Harry to explore other paths to becoming a man and a leader.

He found his way in Lesotho and the military and became a true leader.

As my friends said, what surprised them most was that Harry managed to make a very beautiful and intelligent woman fall in love with him.

But that’s what happens when a man becomes truly sophisticated, strong, and mature.

After all, being a true leader isn’t about recognition or titles. After all, a lot of people criticize Harry, giving him cheap shots or calling him a wake-up joke.

However, he is a much better leader than many modern men, and the reasons for this are given above.

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