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Women step into public safety leadership roles in Licking County

Licking County has seen several women rise to leadership positions in public safety this year.

The Newark Police Department recently promoted April Fleming to Sergeant. Fleming is the station's first female sergeant.

In May, April Fleming was promoted to Newark Police Department’s first female Sergeant. Fleming served first as a dispatcher for the Heath Police Department and then for Newark before becoming her police officer. Since then, she has been a key member of her group of cop support women in the department, as well as her Cops & Kids, an organization aimed at closing the gap between law enforcement and youth in Newark. .

In an interview with The Advocate earlier this year, Fleming said it was an honor to be the first female sergeant in her department. I hope it encourages you to step up and know that you can be one of the men, even if you are a woman, in a field dominated by men.

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