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VS MLB’s Cleveland Guardians With Local Businesses Turning Up Entertainment: Who Owns ‘C’?

According to Charged Up Entertainment CEO and local hip-hop legend Noah Oddo, the Cleveland Guardians have accused the company of violating the team’s new logo. Oddo said lawyers for the Cleveland Guardians contacted him and demanded that he either waive the Charged Up logo or waive any legal rights protecting the brand. Oddo claims the Cleveland Guardians’ claims are baseless because Charged Up Entertainment has been using its logo since his 2015 and has never received any complaints about market disruption.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approved the mark to move forward, but the Cleveland Guardians Baseball Club challenged a request to trademark the Charged Up Entertainment logo, which has been in use since 2015. .

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According to Oddo, the Cleveland Guardians logo is a simple varsity “C” while the Charged Up logo is a “C” with various lines and lightning bolts.

Charge Up Entertainment “C” VS Cleveland Guardians “C”


The original filing dated July 21, 2022 stated:
Cleveland Guardians Baseball Company, LLC is opposed to the registration by Charged Up Entertainment Intl LLC of the International Class 25 “Hat” mark C and design. pants; sweatshirts; t-shirts; similar marks used by the Cleveland Guardians Baseball Company in connection with a variety of goods and services, including baseball games and display services, clothing, toys, sporting goods, and novelty items. based on the claim that they have been using for a long time. Any time prior to January 25, 2019, the date of first use of Charged Up Entertainment.

The Cleveland Guardians Baseball Company has applications for various classes of federal registrations and trademarks, including international classes 9, 14, 16, 18, 21, 25, 28, and 41, and class 25 Ohio registrations. increase. and advertised the sale and distribution of goods and services bearing such marks and commercially offered such goods and services.

The Cleveland Guardians Baseball Company believes that the registration of Charged Up Entertainment’s marks will cause confusion, error, or deception among consumers, dilute the marks’ uniqueness, and damage reputation and goodwill.

Here are the links to the documents: Here

recharge entertainment

It is also not clear what the resolution of the case will look like. A court may rule in favor of either party, or a settlement may be reached out of court. The Cleveland Guardians have yet to comment on the situation, so it’s difficult to provide a more detailed picture of what’s going on. .

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