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Texas Tech player’s saliva may have used racial slurs

HOUSTON (AP) — Mississippi coach Lane Kiffin said a Texas Tech player may have spit on one of his players at the Texas Bowl Wednesday night and made a racial slur. rice field.

The inter-team scrum came after Ole Miss Dayton Wade fumbled early in the fourth quarter and Texas Tech recovered. There was pushing and pushing between players, and Ole Miss player Jordan Watkins was awarded a personal foul penalty.

After Ole Miss lost 42-25, Kiffin should actually penalize Texas Tech’s Dimitri Moore, the Red Raiders’ number 11, not Watkins, who wears Ole Miss’ number 11. said it was.

“They announced our 11, but Jordan Watkins wasn’t in the fight. It was their 11 that was fighting the 71 (Ole Miss lineman Jaden Williams) And everyone knew because our coach was yelling at the guy,” Kiffin said. .

“It contained racial slurs, but that’s about the spitting part, not the point of what we’re talking about. I brought my 71 to the officials. Right or wrong can you see him crying?

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When asked to clarify whether the Texas Tech players used racial slurs against one of their players, Kiffin said he wasn’t sure.

“I didn’t hear it (I don’t say), so I’m not going to say that it was certain he gave our player a racial slur,” Kiffin said. I was told that in the incident), but I hadn’t heard, so obviously that would be a big deal.”

Both Moore and Williams are black.

Kiffin said he was very upset during the match because he didn’t believe it was fair for his players to take penalties that should have been taken by someone else.

“When a kid spits on a player and is accused by a national audience of being him, I’m going to defend the player. So Jordan has to deal with this.”

Texas Tech coach Joey McGuire was not asked about the incident, but Kiffin spoke with him about spatting after the game.

“I’m actually watching over there and I’m laughing because one of them got off,” Kiffin said. “He’s yelling at the players. They’re crazy about him…then I spoke to their head coach and he said, ‘I’m refereeing crazy.’ ‘ I say: ‘Yeah, that was your man’s vomiting and our man got a penalty.’ He said: ‘Yeah, I know.’

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