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Police arrest driver after fleeing pedestrian fatality Wednesday night

Oklahoma City police arrested a driver who said he initially fled on foot after backing up and killing another man at a construction site in an apartment complex near Memorial Road and West on Wednesday night.


Typical “no fight” barricade tape commonly found at crime scenes.

Officers responded to a call shortly after 5 p.m. regarding an auto-pedestrian accident on the 1400 block of Highland Park Boulevard.

Surveillance footage showed the victim was hit by a vehicle behind him as he walked through an area where the vehicle was parked at an apartment building site, a spokesman for the department said.

After the accident, the van driver fled the scene on foot. The victim was confirmed dead at the scene.

On Thursday, the driver turned himself in to police. The man, who the Oklahoman has not identified because he has not yet been charged, was arrested on complaints of leaving the scene of the fatal accident, a spokesperson said.

This article originally appeared in Oklahoma: Police arrest driver who fled fatal pedestrian crash

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