The Guangzhou Motor Show got off to a hot start with the concept ignited on the show floor.

Details are limited, but Weibo is flooded with images and videos of the futuristic hatchback-like concept-destroying incident on the IAT display.

According to Sino-Singapore Jingwei, IAT Automotive issued a statement on WeChat saying that “the booth accidentally caught fire” during “construction”. The company added that the cause of the accident is currently unknown, but the fire was extinguished and no one was injured. We are actively cooperating with the committee.”

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As a result, it is not clear whether the concept caused the fire or whether it originated elsewhere and spread to the vehicle. However, unless the worker was using an open flame, the vehicle was the most likely culprit, so the investigation could focus on the vehicle.

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Despite being destroyed, the IAT display appears to have been quickly repaired, as Webio user Odd Brothers posted an image showing an all-white booth with no signs of a fire the previous day.

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