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Anderson Wins National Autotech Championship

Dawn Hatfield


GREENVILLE — Tyler Anderson, owner of Elite Truck & Auto Repair at 5250 Meeker Road in Greenville, has achieved great bragging rights in the auto repair industry after winning the 2022 US Auto Tech National Championship last month. The national competition, held in Tampa, Florida, is a competition that “shows the amazing skills of automotive engineers and students across the country.”

A native of Dark County, Anderson received his ASE Masters certification shortly after graduating from Arcanum High School in 2015. By 2016, he had established himself as a local entrepreneur by opening Elite, his full-service shop specializing in auto repair, custom and performance work. , alignment, etc. Elite Truck & Auto Repair can handle all types of vehicles including light trucks, medium trucks and fleets.

Anderson’s commitment to “caring for drivers and their vehicles and always doing quality work” is proudly displayed on the company’s website, and is evidenced by customer ratings and reviews.

But Anderson’s interest in auto repair started long before he started his business. “I was always working in my parents’ garage with my dad’s tool set fixing lawn mowers, four-wheelers, snowmobiles, and finally cars since he was about 15,” Anderson said. says. Anderson credits his father, Tim Anderson, and his uncle, Todd Anderson, with teaching him the basic skills early on and helping develop his love of auto repair. “It’s the only thing I’ve ever done or wanted to do,” said Anderson.

Anderson had a final win this year, but it wasn’t his first time contender. In 2021 at the US Auto Tech competition, Anderson felt disappointed. “Last year I screwed up what I’d done a thousand times and spent the next year kicking ass for that mistake,” recalls Anderson. Explaining that he was fighting, he thought, “I’ve never learned a lesson in my life the easy way.”

More determined than ever, Anderson entered the 2022 competition with a serious drive to bring home the title. This year was already an important year. Anderson married his “number one true believer,” Hannah (Rose) Anderson, in June, and we learned that the newlyweds are expecting Anderson’s baby in June 2023. .

As the winner, Anderson will not only claim the 2022 US Auto Tech National Champion title, but also take home a hefty cash prize. What could be more useful for a young family of entrepreneurs running two businesses?Like her husband, Hannah owns Better You, a store on South Broadway Street in Greenville that carries “the trendiest women’s style.” She is also the owner of the business that runs her boutique.

After qualifying in a face-to-face competition in Michigan in the fall, Anderson advanced to Round 32 as one of 16 professionals (and 16 students), all competing in a timed quiz. We competed for comprehensive vehicle knowledge. Finally, Anderson, who scored the highest in the Round of 32 digital quiz, and his 15 other experts met in Tampa to compete for $140,000 in cash and a share of the prize.

Anderson won and said: I would like to sincerely thank all the people who have helped me learn and grow in this industry and have supported my business over the years. It means the world to me. Thank you to my biggest supporter, Hannah Anderson! ”

His wife Hannah said on Facebook on November 4th: She went on to describe her husband’s “passion and dedication to the industry.” This builds trust with her customers and brings peace of mind to Elite’s selection.

Anderson was quick to thank God, his wife, and his family for his success.

The Anderson family plans to use part of the winnings to buy Hannah’s “mom’s car” and donate it to investments such as agriculture and real estate.

The 2022 US Auto Tech National Championship aired December 23, 2022 at 8pm on CBS Sports Network

Visit Elite Truck & Auto Repair at elitetruckandauto.net and Better You Boutique at betteryouboutique.com or follow both businesses on Facebook for information about their services and products.

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