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2022 MBC Entertainment Awards Winners

of 2022 MBC Entertainment Awards Presented by the Cultural Broadcasting Corporation, the event held on December 29th was held at the MBC Auditorium in Seoul. Jung Hyun Moo, Lee Yi KyungWhen Kang Min Kyung.

Many celebrities who made 2022 shine were invited to receive awards that recognize their contributions to the entertainment industry.

Here are the winners of the 2022 MBC Entertainment Awards!

Grand Prize (Grand Prize)

Jung Hyun Moo

Entertainer of the Year

Park Narae

Kim Sung Joo

Ahn Jung Hwan

Yoo Jae Suk

Lee Young Ja

Jung Hyun Moo

Kim Gura

this year’s program

I live alone

Outstanding performance award

Variety Division

Male: Boom

Female: Ahn Youngmi

radio department

Jung Ji Young

Outstanding performance award

Variety Division

Male: key

Female: Lee Guk Joo

Music/Talk Category

Yang Se Chan

Lee Mi Joo

radio department

Kim Yana

Yoon Do Hyun

New face award

Variety Division

Male: Cord Kunst

Female: Park Jin Joo

radio department

Choi Young Jae

Park Jin Young

Lee Seok Hoon

Achievement Award

Lee Kyung Gyu

Popularity Award

Lee Jang Woo

Lee Yi Kyung

best teamwork award

“You don’t have to fight”

(Heo Jae, Kim Byung-hyun, Moon Kyung-eun, Woo Ji-won, Hong Sung-hong, Lee Dae-hyun)

special prize

WSG WANNABE(Gaya-G) – Hangout with Yoo

best entertainment award

Kwon Yul

multiplayer awards

Hong Hyun Hee


MC Award

Jung Jung Hwan

best couple award

Jung Hyun Moo, Park Na Rae, Lee Jang Woo – I Live Alone

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