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YouTube host, aspiring sports reporter

Ken (left) and Kel Brady are 11-year-old Memphis twins and aspiring sports journalists.Co-sponsored "Sports talk with Ken and Kel" He boasts over 650 Instagram followers on his YouTube channel.

Eleven-year-old Ken Brady was camping out along one baseline. His twin brother, Kell, sat on the other side of the court inside his MTM fieldhouse at Collierville High School on October 22nd.

Surrounded by thousands of fans, they burst into the stands to watch Bronnie James, Ashton Hardaway, Justin Pippen, Curtis Givens III and other famous high school basketball players put on the show. rice field. Mid-South Basketball Classic Exhibition Game. The Brady boys, whose family moved from Florence, Alabama to Memphis in his 2020, captured and nailed as much action and interaction video footage as they could on the same iPhone.

And then at halftime the stress started to build up. Kel ran over to her brother with the iPhone and panicked. That battery wasn’t meant to last the rest of the game, and neither had a charger.

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