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Victoria Beckham details how her wedding to David turned them into a ‘brand’

Victoria Beckham details how her wedding to David turned them into a brand
Victoria Beckham details how her wedding to David turned them into a ‘brand’

Victoria Beckham has revealed how the media attention has made her and David still influential powerhouses and brands 23 years later.

while talking to fashion business During the BoF VOICES 2022 event, the fashion designer spoke out about the misconceptions surrounding her marriage to the 47-year-old former football player, including the glitz of her 1999 wedding.

“I think the media makes the wedding far more glamorous than it actually is,” Victoria, 48, began. You know me and David… I love to have fun.

She continued, “I work very hard. I take what I do very seriously. I want to be a great wife, a really great mother, but I also want to have fun.” Occasionally, their tongue-in-cheek sense of humor gets them into trouble, but the wedding wasn’t as big as everyone might think. [to be]”

Victoria added that their guest list included members of the Spice Girl, David’s football teammates, friends and family members of the couple (their eldest son, Brooklyn, who was 23 at the time, was serving as the ring bearer).

The couple grew up within 15 minutes of each other in London, but they didn’t actually meet until years later, when Victoria was Posh Spice in the Spice Girls and David was playing for Manchester United. people magazineThe couple tied the knot three months after their first son, Brooklyn, was born.

The wedding made headlines and the press followed the two in every aspect of their lives.

“When I met David, I don’t think he expected us to be together,” Victoria admitted. Fans and paparazzi followed us everywhere we went, and we were constantly talking about it. “

Victoria also recalled rumors that she speculated that the two were “only together to build a brand.” What was her reaction to the hearsay? “Listen, we’ve been married for 25 years. If I didn’t really love this guy, I mean, 25 years is a long long time,” she joked.

But she doesn’t deny the huge impact they had — and still does. “I think that’s when the whole brand was born,” she said.

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