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Ventura County’s Biggest Business Stories of 2022

Patagonia owner Yvon Chouinard announced in September that he would sell his Ventura company to fight climate change.

Ventura County has made two national business headlines in 2022. The first was when Patagonia’s founders sold the company to a climate-focused nonprofit in September. And in December, biotech giant Thousand Oaks Amgen made the biggest acquisition in his 42-year history.

Many big things happened throughout the year, including Oxnard getting part of Amazon’s global expansion, a difficult year for animal rescue Paw Works, and the opening, closing, and reopening of a classic car dealership in Ventura. We had a local story.

Here are some of the star’s biggest business stories of the year.

Chouinard donates Patagonia to fight climate change

If you own a multi-billion dollar company, you have two typical succession planning options. Either sell the company or pass it on to an heir. Climber and outdoorsman Yvonne Chouinard, who founded Ventura-based apparel company Patagonia in 1973, has always been a leader in a different kind of business, but in 2022, he’s taking a different path. He gave up his company.

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