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Tech workers still in high demand despite brutal 2022 layoffs

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There is at least one silver lining for tech workers facing this year. unprecedented dismissal and market instability.most of the layoffs Workers are at least landing on their feet, according to new research.

Nearly eight in 10 (79%) recently hired tech workers who were previously laid off said they found a new job within three months of starting their job search, according to survey data from ZipRecruiter. increase. shared with wall street journall. Some of the ZipRecruiter national survey data: It was published last month. Nearly a quarter of these job seekers reported it took them less than a month to find a new job. According to ZipRecruiter, this relatively quick rehire largely reflects rehire in the general economy, where the median duration of unemployment has hovered around 8.1 weeks. according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Sure, tech layoffs are common, but other tech companies are hiring at higher rates.

Most of the dismissals are Tech workers surveyed found new jobs in the same industry. Specifically, about 74% of workers found jobs in the tech industry, another 6% of them and 5% of them found new jobs in retail, e-commerce, and financial services. Another 2% reportedly found a job in healthcare.

ZipRecruiter chief economist Julia Pollak said, “Despite widespread layoffs, hiring freezes and cost cutting in the tech industry, many tech workers find new jobs surprisingly quickly. “They are still the most sought-after workers with the most in-demand skills.”

mass layoffs And the job freeze is affecting nearly every sector of the tech industry. legacy technology to a giant flogged cryptocurrency startup and nearly everything in between. The reasons for the layoffs vary, with some companies citing rising interest rates, Overestimating Endurance in Pandemic Era Pivot to online commerce and digital media. The 2022 job cuts began to primarily affect small businesses, but eventually impacted some of the industry’s biggest names, including: microsoft When meta, the latter cut 11,000 jobs last month. next, twitter In pure numbers, it didn’t fire most of the workers, but it did offer a masterclass exactly how No Goodbye to staff.After all, it’s not a great signwhen you have to ask Forbid workers to go home.

That being said, there There are several reasons to proceed with caution. Tech workers who lost their jobs in the recent string of layoffs seem to be having a bit more trouble finding jobs than those who were previously hired. According to ZipRecruiter, 50% of the tech rehires he was laid off in February found him a new job within a month of searching. For workers who have recently lost their jobs, this figure has dropped to 37%.

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