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(note the language) When it comes to celebrity scandals in 2022, there’s probably nothing bigger than the one called “Slap Heard ‘Round the World.” One of the world’s biggest stars, Will Smithslapping and cursing one of the most famous cartoons on the planet, chris rockwould have been news if it had happened in the pub, let alone the Academy Awards.

That said, other stars were making headlines for the wrong reasons this year, so let’s take a moment to reflect on what their publicists didn’t want us to do.

Ezra Miller Banner Years:

  • of Justice League The star kicked off 2022 with a bizarre video on Instagram. In it, actors using they/their pronouns called themselves “Bengal ghouls”. [and] Mad Goose Wizard”, and for the Beulahville branch of the Ku Klux Klan, North Carolina” and messaged “Kill yourself with your own guns…or else keep doing what you’re doing Please…and we’ll do it for you. The video was later removed.
  • In March and April, Miller was arrested on suspicion of causing trouble in Hawaii. In March, the actor did not contest his disorderly conduct, was fined $500 after a scrum, and was ordered to stay away from Margarita Village in Hilo, Hawaii. In April, Miller was arrested for second-degree assault for throwing a chair at a woman at a gathering.
  • In May, Miller allegedly broke into a Vermont home and stole liquor. The actor was formally charged with felony robbery in August.
  • June, Lawyer and Activist chase iron eyes and his wife, Sarah jumping eagleStanding Rock Sioux Court, alleging Miller was “physically and emotionally abusing” her daughter, “psychologically manipulating, physically threatening, and endangering her safety and welfare.” submitted court documents to Juuhou Iron EyesParents accused the actor of grooming himself when he was 13.
  • In August, Vermont police showed up at Miller’s home looking for a mother and three young children who had reportedly been staying there against their father’s wishes.
  • Later that month, the actor said he was seeking treatment for “complex mental health issues” after displaying alarming behavior that led to a series of arrests and charges. sniped that it was a play to save his president-elect flash movie.

Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock

The action resonated throughout the year, but the infamous Oscar slap happened in front of a stunned, star-studded audience at Hollywood’s Dolby Theater on March 27. made as a presenter Jada Pinkett Smith‘s bald head initially elicited a laugh from Will, and his stepping onto the stage to confront the comics seemed like a bit of a start. The powerful slap you spoke of was no joke. Nor was Will yelling, “Don’t mention my wife’s name!” Twice.When Smith won Best Actor, he continued to ignore the incident king richardbut in a subsequent apology, he accepted a ten-year ban from Academy events.

Johnny Depp/Amber Heard defamation case:

May and June were all about defamation cases that made US headlines. Johnny Depp and ex-wife Amber Hurd. former Pirates of the Caribbean The series star sued his ex in 2018 washington post in that editorial Aquaman The actress has written about her experiences of physical and sexual abuse.

  • Once the trial took place, the public saw their tumultuous marriage written big and saw Depp testifying that it was hard for him to physically and psychologically abuse him. Then there was the testimony that gave the world #AmberTurd for alleged defacement of the actress’ bed.
  • A jury sided with Depp in June, ruling that Heard had hurt his career and defamed Depp to boost hers. He was awarded $5 million in damages, but Virginia law limited the latter to $350,000. Heard said he was awarded $2 million in compensatory damages for statements made by Depp’s former attorney, but not punitive damages. A few months later, she appealed the sentence.
  • In December, Heard reportedly settled with Depp for $1 million and said she would drop her plans to appeal. says so. There are no restrictions or gags regarding my voice going forward. ” Depp’s team vowed to donate the money to charity.

Kanye’s Meltdown:

Like a slow motion train wreck, Ye‘s flameout took time, but in the end, the destruction was definitely absolute.

  • I saw the first month of the year Kanye Lamenting on social media and elsewhere about the state of her split with him Kim Kardashian a custody arrangement with the mother of his four children;
  • In February, Ye’s music career was still in full swing: his 21 tracks Donda 2 The album was released under his own brand, Stem Player. He claims to have sold the device worth over $2 million.
  • Later that year, Ye made headlines for taking social media photos with “Skete.” Pete Davidson, who Kim began to see romantically. Ye was briefly suspended from Instagram in March for violating the platform’s harassment policy for one of those posts, as well as an animated version of a video of Kanye killing Davidson. I thought the track was hilarious.
  • After criticizing the celebrity couple countless times online, Kim and Pete called it quits in August, and Kanye celebrated it online.
  • After his death in September queen elizabethYe promised to end all grudges, but later announced that his YEEZY company was ending its partnership with Gap.
  • Also in September, West gave an interview with ABC News in which he spoke about his relationship with God. His school, Donda Academy. and paternity. By this point, despite his social behavior in his media, he was being hailed as a maverick mogul in some circles.
  • By October, however, things had changed. Ye controversially wore a ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt at Paris Fashion Week when he was taken out of his office at Skechers in LA after an ‘unauthorized’ visit. And he said he would run a “Death Con 3” against the Jews who wronged him.He was quick to apologize for the comments, but as the fall deepened, he made a string of other anti-Semitic comments, culminating in claiming to be a controversial media figure. Did Alex Jones what he admired Hitler.

After he insisted he couldn’t cancel, he got: his agency CAA cut ties with him, as did Adidas.

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