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Proposed entertainment district for Merriman Valley in Akron

Akron, Ohio — Liberty Commons is ready make a big comebackand brings much of the Merriman Valley business district.

What you need to know

  • Liberty Commons and Merriman Valley could make a big comeback.
  • LAL & Sons LLC has applied to the city to create Akron’s fourth community entertainment district.
  • Mayor Dan Horrigan recommended that the City Council approve the application.
  • CED will cover 24 acres along Riverview Road from Liberty Commons to Parkwood Plaza.

Located near the southernmost tip of Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Liberty Commons was once home to packed nightspots and several restaurants on weekends. Liberty Street Brewingis known for its popular Dragon Slayer beer, featured on taps around town.

But the valley hasn’t been a popular destination for years.

Currently acquired LAL & Sons LLC Liberty Commons in 2021petitioned the city to transform the valley into Akron’s fourth community entertainment district.

The new CED will cover over 24 acres along Merriman Road/Riverview Road. the application showsFrom Liberty Commons and Weathervane Playhouse Theaters to Parkwood Plaza on North Portage Pass, CED includes everything in between.

After reviewing Applying for a new CEDthe mayor’s office, which obtained additional information, forwarded it to the Akron City Council for approval on December 21.

According to Mayor Dan Horrigan“…CED has the potential to significantly contribute to the entertainment, retail, social and other opportunities of the City of Akron.”

The city said that unlike other entertainment districts in the city, such as the North Side, East End and Downtown, Merriman Valley CED does not have regulations allowing containers to be opened outside the facility.

CED will cover 24 acres along Riverview Road from Liberty Commons to Parkwood Plaza. (Graphic courtesy of LAL & Sons)

But while Ohio law allows the CED to house new bars, Akron’s waiting list for establishments seeking a D-5 license allows alcohol sales until 2:30 a.m. increase.

D-5 licenses are in short supply in Akron. Because the city can only have one he D-5 liquor license for every 2,000 inhabitants, and they are all issued.

However, the new CED will generate the following pools: Some new D-5j permitssaid the city.

The only difference between the two types of permits is the location. The D-5j permit is valid only within his CED. according to the statebut there is no limit to the number of CEDs a city can have.

There’s no single reason the Merriman Valley has fallen out of the limelight over the years.

website Dedicated to the Revival of Liberty Commons Refers to fractional ownership of the valley. The area is divided into Akron Falls and Cuyahoga Falls, on which work has recently begun. Development master plan.

The new CED is intended to enable growth in new and existing retail, food service and entertainment services, LAL & Sons’ application said.

the plan of new amenities Restaurants, including fine dining venues, concerts, exercise classes, and an outdoor amphitheater with a park for yoga.

according to Liberty Commons websiteconstruction will begin this summer if the CED is approved.

Akron City Council Merriman Valley CED At the Regular Council on January 30th.

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