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Northport small business grapples with recovery after Hurricane Ian

The city of Northport has approximately 2,000 small businesses, many of which are still recovering after Hurricane Ian.

Whether it’s due to structural damage or employees dealing with personal losses, the city is trying to help keep businesses running.

A storm damaged the Donut Port Charlotte shop on Abe and is now temporarily closed. One of its employees, her Rebecca Samp, understands the loss.

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“I myself have lost everything. I only have a few costumes and two dogs,” she said.

Their North Port shop continues with each dollar that passes by helping businesses, employees and communities.

“Spend locally. Money stays here, so spending locally is very important,” Schump said.

The city of Northport demands a little bit of shopping, dining, and entertainment from residents and those visiting on holiday as the New Year approaches.

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“They’re not only suffering physical damage, they’re suffering financially as well,” said Vinnie Mascarenhas, interim manager of the City of Northport’s economic development department. , have to be closed for a while and in our entrepreneur community they are not the type of people to ask for help.They go back to work and open their hearts again.Show them your best support The direct way is to purchase their unique merchandise. Something you won’t find in big box stores or online, something here in Northport.

At the Salt and Light Holistic Spa, a prayer wall displays a snapshot of your concerns.

Leslie Copeland, Co-Owner of Salt and Light Holistic Spa, said:

Spa owners Leslie and Ciara Copeland work to do just that every day.

“We have a lot of cool people who are here to support us, so we’re all just in this together,” Ciara said.

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Supporting each other is as easy as buying a gift or a donut from your local store.

“There are so many great people living here and so many great local businesses,” said Leslie Copeland.

The city also hosts conferences for small business owners. After Hurricane Ian, they called over 1,200 of his local shops and restaurants to offer assistance.

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