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Nesbitt poised for leadership role in State Senate

State Senator Aric Nesbitt will be the new minority leader when the Michigan Senate resumes office on Jan. 11. Democrats sharing priorities.

“As in the past, we can reach agreement on nonpartisan fields,” said Nesbitt. “For example, Brinks, the incoming Senate Majority Leader, and I have worked on education issues and improving statewide and local infrastructure. I look forward to continuing such a partnership.”

Nesbitt said the two sides can agree on education and skilled worker training, infrastructure and broadband. He says Republicans can work with Democrats.

“They hold a majority of one seat in the House and Senate, and if they govern in the middle 70% and reach out and govern in a bipartisan way, we are willing to work together. But if they’re going to work to get the far-left progressive ideological dream ticket through, we’ll fight them, oppose them, and they’ll make every member of them problem.”

Nesbitt said he will try to cut the cost of living once Congress reopens. He says it’s best for Republicans and Democrats to work together on common concerns, given the narrow margins in Congress and the divisions between states and nations.

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