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Mt. Clemens business owner finds store submerged and merchandise damaged

When the shopkeeper of Mount Clemens went to the shop to feed the cats, he discovered a mess destroying the goods and buildings.

“We came here around noon on Christmas to feed Lucy the cat and it was like the whole house was raining like rain,” said Lyle Crump. .

A pipe on the second floor burst, filling the Alleycat Metaphysical Supplies with water. Lucy is safe, but the store has suffered extensive damage.

“There was ice on the doorknobs. The main door was frozen all day we were here. I think it was Friday or Saturday. Even though it’s hot here, the windows were frozen.” Crump said.

There is little he can save.

“The clothes my wife made. There were a lot of books here. Old first-edition prints. You never know what could happen,” Crump said. “This used to be our main source of income, but now it’s gone.”

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Crump’s landlord, Von Labadee, owns a store next door to the business – Heads Up Pipe and Novelty Shop. He attributes this to the case that protects the product.

“All the doors were frozen shut. Water was pouring out of here and out directly onto the street,” Labadee said. “I made a call and got people here as soon as possible. It was a basic cleaning.”

Labadie says this is not an easy solution.

“All we have to do is tear down the entire ceiling and redo all the woodwork there, so it’s going to take time,” he said.

Nearby business owners and communities have helped. If you would like to help, you can donate via Google Play or Paypal using the email or via Cashapp – $satanichippie13.

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