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LTE: Republican lawmakers care more about politics and parties than people – Osage County Online

LTE: Republican lawmakers put politics and parties ahead of the people

Dear Editor,

Governor Kerry, with the support of Democratic lawmakers, has attempted to pass a bill in 2022 that would cut the food tax to zero starting in January 2023.

Since recovering from the failed Brownback experiment, Kansas has rebounded, exceeding earnings expectations for the 26th straight month. The Kansas Budget’s Rainy Days Fund stood at nearly $1 billion at the time the bill was introduced and continues to grow. It’s time to figure out how to help Kansas people with their newfound budget surplus. I suggested.

Since it was an election year, the overwhelming majority of Republicans in Congress were unwilling to award this victory to Governor Kerry. But they knew it would be very unpopular to block this bill that would help Kansas, especially in an election year. rice field. They knew people could take advantage of this help. Nevertheless, they blocked the bill and from 2023 he proposed a gradual reduction, starting at 2.5%, two years later he finally reached zero in 2025.

Republicans put politics and parties ahead of people’s needs. Zero food tax has strong public support. While the governor was running for re-election, she promised to put zero tax rates back on the agenda, and she delivered on her promise.

It’s time to hold Republicans accountable to our people. Contact your local representative, Mark Schreiber, District 60, 785-296-2721 or, District 76, Eric Smith, 785-296-7557 or please. , and Jeff Longbine (785-296-7367) or

Republican lawmakers are cut off from the will and needs of the people. There will be pressure from voters to remind them who is in charge.

Chuck Torres
Can Olpe

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