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Amazon is developing a standalone app for sports content, claims new report TechCrunch

Amazon is developing a standalone app for watching sports, according to a new report from The Information. The move demonstrates Amazon’s continued push to invest in Prime Video and live sports content. Once released, the standalone app will better showcase Amazon’s sports content currently included on Amazon’s main Prime Video platform.

The report reflects Amazon CEO Andy Jassy recently calling live sports a “unique asset” in which Amazon continues to invest. game. Amazon has also invested in other sports content to complement its live gaming, launching original sports talk shows on both Prime Video and ad-supported streaming service Freevee.

It’s unclear when Amazon plans to launch a standalone sports app. It’s also possible that the company will decide to shelve the plan altogether.

Amazon did not respond to TechCrunch’s request for comment.

Amazon’s plans for a standalone sports app suggest the company is exploring new ways to use its investment in live sports to generate additional revenue streams. Given the sheer cost of streaming rights, it’s no surprise that the company plans to charge a separate subscription fee for sports content in this standalone app. Also, Amazon may decide to offer a different subscription level that includes sports content.

The new report reveals that Amazon is reviewing some of its underperforming divisions, resulting in a number of roles being cut. Amid these cost-cutting efforts, Amazon appears to be working on building out Prime Video and its live sports streaming content.

Amazon isn’t the only major company looking to continue investing in live sports content, as the company faces increasing competition from other tech giants that have signed sports streaming deals. secured the NFL Sunday Ticket with a landmark streaming deal. Meanwhile, Apple acquired the rights to the Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer games.

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