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1923 Summary: Return to Africa

Second episode of yellowstone prequel 1923 It picks up where the premiere left off with Spencer Dutton (Brandon Skrenner) trying to be a panther’s late-night snack. In fast-paced, gloomy scenes punctuated by screams, growls, and gunshots, the hunter is able to take down the beast, but not before sustaining several injuries that cause gangrene. Also a guide, he was not lucky and died shortly after the animal brutally attacked him.

Back at camp, Spencer drinks a bottle of whiskey while tending to his wounds. The man who hired him shows no sympathy for his guide’s unfortunate death, and instead wants Spencer to reward him with details of the encounter, which Spencer isn’t amusing. He called the man out for his insensitivity and the fact that he couldn’t share that not just one, but two of his leopards were roaming. Spencer pointed a gun in the man’s face and forced him to apologize repeatedly.

Back in Montana, another cliffhanger resolution takes place. A shot fired by a trespassing shepherd at Jack Dutton (Darren Mann) apparently misses the cowboy but hits his horse. Jack is trapped under his horse and the shooter is rapidly approaching on his own horse to finish the job, but Jacob (Harrison Ford) is alerted at the first shot and in the nick of time Arrive with his belongings.

Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton in '1923'

Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton in ‘1923’

Emerson Miller/Paramount+ Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton in ‘1923’

They save Jack and torment the shepherds, including their leader Banner (Jerome Flynn). Jacob whips him with a pistol and orders his men to gather sheep and deliver them to the local reservation as gifts. As well as depriving Banner of his livelihood, he puts him in a deadly predicament. More specifically, he places a noose around Banner and his men’s necks, ties the rope to a tree, and places it on an uneasy horse. The boys’ fate is entrusted to the horse.

The next time we see Banner, he’s still alive and in his saddle. seems to be more loyal than Not only is his steed still under the tree, but another horse can run up and saddle his bag. Banner can fish the blade out of the sack and escape for his life.

This episode also features Theona Rainwater (Amina Nieves), who continues to suffer at the hands of Sister Mary. After washing and cleaning lessons, part of the government boarding school’s wife-training curriculum, the students and nuns are graciously saying at dinner. Not grateful.

She and Sister Alice fall into another vicious slowdown, leaving the latter with Shiner and the former with escorts to the “Hot Box”, a cell-like cell that looks like an outhouse. Before locking Teona in her box, Father Renaud (Sébastien Roche) threatens to bury her alive if Teona falls out of her line again. When she was finally released, perhaps a day or so later, she was suffering from a fever and could barely stand. Bathing a molesting nun and threatening to kill her again, or at least wipe her of the “Indians”.

Thankfully, it seems to poor Teona that there may be someone out there looking after her. She appears to be the girl’s grandmother and primary guardian, and is lobbying to place her in a school located on the reservation. I dismissed it, but eventually sent her off to have her request considered through a series of bureaucratic hurdles.

Brandon Skrenner as Spencer Dutton and Julia Schlepfer as Alexandra in

Brandon Skrenner as Spencer Dutton and Julia Schlepfer as Alexandra in “1923”

Emerson Miller/Paramount+ Brandon Skrenner as Spencer Dutton and Julia Schlepfer as Alexandra in “1923”

The episode ends with another long stretch in Africa, this time in a hotel bar, where Spencer is still heavily drinking. An Englishwoman named Alexandra and her friends approach him and immediately identify him as a “cannibal-killing American war hero.” Alexandra clearly develops a crush on Spencer, so her spoiled friends remind her that she is engaged and push her away.

Later that night, during the engagement party, the bride-to-be finishes her drink and suddenly excuses herself. After meeting her friends and expressing her lack of enthusiasm for her future husband, she spots Spencer at another hotel bar. The pair grow closer again, but break up when Alexandra’s fiancée arrives. However, he was not so successful the next morning when Alexandra found Spencer leaving for his next job. It’s about hunting the hyenas that haunt the railroad engineers. She grabs the bag as his driver drives down the road. She abandons her family, her friends, her fiancée. She gets into Spencer’s car.

He warns her that he is about to embark on a dangerous journey, but she is undaunted. “So let’s see death with our eyes, shall we?” she asks rhetorically. The brooding hunter flashes her uncommon smile and they drive away as she yells at her chasing fiancée to go find someone who truly loves him.

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