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Ryan Seacrest says quitting alcohol during CNN’s New Year’s Eve broadcast is a ‘good idea’

Ryan Seacrest New Year's Eve Broadcast

Ryan Seacrest New Year’s Eve Broadcast

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2023 is fast approaching and Ryan Seacrest is ready to ring in the New Year without alcohol.

in November, variety reported that CNN is drinking less on and off camera during its New Year’s Eve show. Seacrest, longtime host of ABC Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ EveSaid east and west He applauds the network’s decision.

“I don’t recommend drinking on air,” he told the magazine. “I don’t know how it started as a tradition, but it’s probably a good idea. [to scale back], CNN. ”

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Seacrest, who said he and other ABC stars don’t drink until after 1:05 a.m., said viewers may disagree with CNN’s choice to discourage alcohol consumption among casters, and in fact He admitted that he probably “wanted them to drink more.”

“There are some pretty good guys, at least one, right?” joked CNN’s Seacrest, 48. new year’s eve liveis co-hosted by friends duo Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen. “I think I have a serious journalist and some really fun friends, and that’s probably a good idea.”

of live with kelly and ryan Co-hosts speculated that CNN’s decision to limit alcohol was made by CNN executives to preserve the network’s reputation and credibility. variety —It may have something to do with an incident that occurred during programming last year.

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper

Andy Cohen Instagram

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Last year, Cohen, 54, said it was “going too far,” criticizing Seacrest and ABC. You are watching ABC and you are not seeing anything. ”

Seacrest said east and west That new year’s eve live The host said, “At some point I had something to say about my show,” possibly referring to the now-infamous incident. I don’t think they would say what they said about the performers of .

“Maybe I could send him some Casa Dragons Tequila just to lure him in on air,” Seacrest joked.

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Cohen says he doesn’t need a Seacrest tequila gift.of Watch What Happens Live The host — whose comment about Seacrest, he said last New Year’s Eve, “is the only thing I regret saying” — isn’t ready to abandon his drinking tradition just yet.

“My only direction is to have fun,” Cohen told PEOPLE on the show last month.

“I think people enjoy seeing me eating Anderson shots and it’s on the menu,” he added.

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