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Fox News Politics: 2022’s Biggest Mistakes, Mistakes, and Political Hoaxes

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looking back on the year

Biden’s Gaffe Year: It was a year full of gaffes President BidenNow, in his third year in office in 2023, he shows no sign of changing his ways. Biden said in October, “Let’s start with two words: Made in America. the president groped From confusion to mispronunciation to actual factual errors throughout the year. Read more articles by Patrick Hauf and Michael Picasso on Fox News: Biden’s Oblivion, A Year of Going Wrong and Saying Wrong Things

you win some… the new parliament will see Republican Controlling the House, Democrats controlling the Senate, in stark contrast to recent years when the Democrats were in full control, backing the policies and plans of President Joe Biden. Both party victories in the gubernatorial and senate elections have revealed some big winners in the controversial midterm election cycle. Read more from Kyle Morris on Fox News: Biggest political winners of 2022: DeSantis, Fettermann take big wins

Stacey Abrams, President Donald Trump, Beto O'Rourke, Herschel Walker

Stacey Abrams, President Donald Trump, Beto O’Rourke, Herschel Walker
(Getty Images)

You lose some: Almost every election has one (or more) loser. Democratic Party and a Republican. Fox News’ Sophia Slacik reveals why This ‘superstar loser’ tops the list of 2022’s biggest losers in politics

(B) Order at House: The incoming Republican leadership will soon make the border crisis a key priority when Republicans take control of the House next week. impeachment hearings Against Mallorca. Fox News’ Adam Shaw sums up Biden’s difficult year at the border. 2022 Looking Back: How Biden’s Border Issues Got Worse

top story

Identity issues: New York State Republican Rep. George Santos admitted Monday that he lied about his work and education during the election campaign, but said in an interview with the New York Post that the lie ended his two-year term. He argued that it was not a hindrance. as a member of parliament. Read more from Fox News’ Greg Wehner: New York Pick George Santos Admits Lying About Resume: Report

Republican congressman-elected George Santos recently won an election for New York's third congressional district.

Republican congressman-elected George Santos recently won an election for New York’s third congressional district.
(AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Holiday home: of US House of Representatives It swiftly approved a $1.7 trillion appropriations bill on Friday, funding the government through the end of next September in a win for President Biden and Congressional Democrats. The bill passed in line with party line, with nine Republicans and all Democrats except Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York voting for the measure. Another Democrat, Rep. Rashida Tribe of Michigan, cast an attendance vote. Read more about Fox News’ Haris Alic here. House quickly approves $1.7T spending bill, flees DC for Christmas break

Spending rebound: Rep. Chip Roy on Friday exploded in the process It’s forcing a speedy vote on a $1.7 trillion bill that no one is reading and that the Democrats’ rush job is destroying the country. , but neither was allowed because Democratic leadership wanted a vote by noon Friday. Roy mocked the Democrats for stating that the Republicans refused to negotiate with them. The process quickly unfolded The final days of a bill that Republicans said would add $31.3 trillion in Treasury debt. Read more from Peter Kasperowicz on Fox News: Chip Roy Blows Over $1.7 Trillion Spending Bill In Fever Speech: ‘Destroy America’

QUO VADIS, Democratic Party? Steve Hilton, host of Fox News’ “Next Revolution,” says Biden will pursue left-wing policies for years to come as Republicans consider Trump’s role after 2024 He said he would use it as a mission. . WATCH: Steve Hilton on Biden’s Midterm Election Reactions: ‘Don’t Deny the Far-Left Direction We’ve Traveled’

2024 watch

Rumors of my campaign are greatly exaggerated: Twitter went wild, with multiple news outlets headlining: that mike pence Entering the 2024 race on Monday night after a “candidacy statement” was filed with the FEC on his behalf, a spokesman for the former vice president said Pence did not file paperwork to run for president. “Former Vice President Mike Pence did not turn in to run for president today,” spokesman Devin O’Malley tweeted, later calling pundits and journalists “pranks.” ” he suggested. Read more from Paul Best on Fox News: Mike Pence spokesman says former vice president didn’t submit to run for president, suggesting someone ‘pranked’ media

“If I Run”: Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) unsure if he will seek another term Senate Next cycle, according to a recent interview in which he discussed a possible re-election in 2024.Republican senators who voted to impeach their former office President Trumptold Politico that winning is “not an issue in my mind.” Read more from Aubrie Spady on Fox News: ‘If I run, I will win’: Mitt Romney is confident he will win re-election in 2024, but it remains unclear whether he will run

Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney will be re-elected in 2024.

Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney will be re-elected in 2024.
(Fox News)

Campaign trail update

Sunshine Showdown: Arizona secretary of state Katie Hobbs, whose gubernatorial election winner was announced days ago, joined Maricopa County in a motion seeking sanctions against Republican opponent Kari Lake. It ruled against Lake’s challenge to the results. gubernatorial election in November Hobbes was declared the winner by about half a percentage point. Read more from Fox News’ Greg Wehner: Arizona gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs imposes sanctions on former candidate Kari Lake

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