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Former Hibdon exec presents ‘future of car care’ at OKC

Pictured Nov. 8, Ned Aguilar, former principal manager of Hibdon Bridgestone, has decided to open an auto service business in Oklahoma City.  With FastLap, he is determined to use his experience to maximize and streamline technical solutions and digital services for the metropolitan maintenance industry.

Longtime auto industry executive Ned Aguilar jokingly calls himself a mad scientist. The reason why the analytical approach to assessing and dealing with problems is the scientist and the mad scientist is because the solutions often challenge society’s common sense and he knows what he proposes . Auto service industry.

“We are always thinking about how we can transform the space,” says Aguilar. “Like anything else, you want to leave it in better condition than you found it. It was a guiding principle.”

Aguilar’s reputation stems from decades of experience with leading tire manufacturers, having worked in the industry since he was 17 years old. By the 2000s when Hibdon was acquired by Bridgestone His Tires, Aguilar held several executive positions at the company over the years, including vice president of marketing and digital development.

Now entering a new chapter in his life and career, he is bringing a new kind of customer-centric model to the Oklahoma auto industry. Aguilar intends to do the same again, drawing on his experience at Hibdon Tires, which once disrupted the industry.

“The patriarch, Ray Hibdon, and his son, Mark Hibdon, were ahead of their time when it came to their customer delivery process and how they used technology,” says Aguilar. “Looking back, I felt we had built an organization that could have been the best business in our sector of the industry because we were willing to do anything and everything if it was going to be good for our customers. and for the workforce.”

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