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Bella Thorne opens up about being sexualized as a child

ROME, ITALY - OCTOBER 16: Bella Thorne attends a film photocall

This article contains statements about child sexual harassment.

Bella Thorne talks about her experience of being sexualized in the entertainment industry as a child. He talked about his experiences and revealed some of the tough situations he found himself in as a child.

“I started modeling when I was six weeks old,” Thorne shared, revealing that she had booked gigs at Pottery Barn “before she was even out of the womb.” You begin to experience and say, ‘Not only is the whole world looking at you, but especially men, and the people and women around you, are telling you that this is the box you have to fit in, so it’s like, ‘Fucking. He said it was stressful.

She went on to share a disturbing story she experienced as a 10-year-old. “I had a director give me feedback once. I was 10 years old. The casting director called my agent, and the agent called my mom. “She’s not moving forward because it felt like we were flirting. It made him really uncomfortable with him,” she said. I don’t mean what you said.You can say ‘Eat my pussy right now.’She’s 10!’Why did you think that? Why?’

Ratajkowski said, “It’s insane to put it on a 10-year-old and make a grown man uncomfortable. I don’t know if you need it, there are more crazy stories about Hollywood and things like pedophilia and child sexualization.”

“Also, you’re in a directing session. You really can’t say or do much,” Thorne said. I don’t have a favorite time. Make me sit on your lap or make me feel uncomfortable. What are you talking about?”

Thorne said she had been blaming herself for what happened for a long time. “I’m almost trying to find fault with myself,” she said. What made him feel this way?” “Bella, stop. Even that thought is becoming part of the problem. Don’t even think that thought.” It drives me crazy. ”

Ratajkowski tells Thorne to “forgive” himself, saying she was a “fucking brat” and “did nothing”, adding that he hopes the unnamed director “rots in hell”.

Both Ratajkowski and Thorne have been open about their experiences of being sexualized in the entertainment industry at an early age. Ratajkowski told the Los Angeles Times in 2015: ”

For Thorne, embracing one’s sexuality has been a journey of empowerment. “I have rocked the word ‘sex’ for a long time, and I will continue to rock it,” she said on the podcast. It gave me a lot of power.”

Check out the clip from the episode below.


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