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Adele, Lizzo, what made us happy in 2022

Happy new year.

It was a blast. And we are happy that 2022 has passed. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has left the political world divided, and there has been much grief, including the loss of a cherished entertainer. But amidst all the grief came the much-needed moment of joy.

Here, our staff shares what has made us happy over the past 12 months, from thrilling movies, inspiring YouTube channels, hilarious TV shows, great albums and concerts, from entertainment to closing out the year. I am choosing And we hope to have many more of them as we head into 2023.

"Abbott Elementary School" Star and creator Quinta Branson

“Abbott Elementary School”

The ABC sitcom is my comfort TV watch. I wish the season had more than 20 episodes. The children’s comedy and the hardships faced by public school educators are very real, but the mockumentary style gives it a fun twist. Plus, the characters are so adorable. (You too, Tariq.) –Naledi Ushe

“Abbott Elementary” inspires a fan frenzy:Quinta Branson Talks ABC Comedy

Bob Odenkirk bids farewell amid AMC's critical acclaim "breaking bad" spin off, "You should call Seoul."

“Better Call Saul” series finale

It’s a miracle that AMC’s “Breaking Bad” spinoff, starring Bob Odenkirk as huckster strip mall attorney Saul Goodman, was great. But in the final episode of its sixth and final season in August, the show hit its all-time high, turning his last shared cigarette in a supermax federal prison into high romance. – Barbara Vandenberg

“Better Call Saul”:Prepare for a ‘deeply upsetting moment’ in the final season

Adele started a residency (belatedly) in Las Vegas.

Adele in Las Vegas

After nine months of waiting, wondering, changing travel plans and worrying about the status of her ticket, she was in tears when she took the stage on Nov. 18 and sang the first words of “Hello.” I admit that Her residency exceeded my expectations, and the dramatic elements of ‘Skyfall’ and ‘Set Fire to the Rain’ are, without exaggeration, truly spectacular. – Melissa Ruggeri

more:Adele launches Las Vegas residency with emotion, tells fans ‘thank you for coming back’

HBO's "Gilded Age" It reminded me of a more carefree time in New York.

“Gilded Age”

Watching this elitist HBO drama play out at the top of the year was the perfect form of escapism. The intricate costumes, diverse cast, and loose historical context kept me on my toes and provided fun weekly conversations in the group chat. –Elise Briscoe

more:‘Gilded Age’ standout Denny Benton on bringing ‘real’ black representation to HBO’s period piece

Brandi Carlile on NBC's Dec. 10 episode "Saturday night live."

Brandi Carlile x Indigo Girls Concert

I’m a huge Brandi fan (literally cried the first time I saw her live) and my mom raised my sister and me with the Indigo Girls, so early this year they toured together. When I saw you there, I knew we had to go. And it’s a memory I will cherish forever. My mom, sister, and I were at the top of our lungs singing “Closer to Fine” together, the power to hear Brandi’s latest album live (my mom is just as obsessed now), And I feel happy that the three of us can participate together. A special occasion that transcends generations. Pure strange pleasure! – Sarah Moniusco

Kimberly (Victoria Clarke, center) went from 16 to 60 on Broadway "Kimberly Akimbo." Here, she sits with classmates played by Michael Iskander (left), Justin Cooley, Nina White, Olivia Hardy, and Fernell Hogan.

“Kimberly Akimbo”

On stage in New York this year, from Heather Headley’s galvanic turn as the witch in “Into the Woods,” to Lea Michele and Julie Benko’s very different but equally wonderful Broadway firsts. Right up to Fanny Brice’s take on the revival, there were so many things to be grateful for. “Funny girl.” But there’s one show he can’t help but think about. It is “Kimberly Akimbo”. The new Broadway her musical takes the unusual premise of a 16-year-old girl (Victoria Clarke) aging 4.5 times faster than she normally does, and gives a very gritty look at her death, family, and life. It’s an interesting and inspiring study. Maximum. – Patrick Ryan

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