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Who will win Survivor 43? Who will win the 2022 finale?

you really don’t know what’s going to happen survivorSeason 43 proved to be dominated by nuanced gameplay and supported by some of the most novel moves in the show’s history. It showed just how unpredictable Endgame can be, as a random vote led to perhaps one of the most unexpected winners in the show’s history.

Find out more about tonight’s finale episode results below.

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who won Survivor 43?

Mike Gabler

“Arigabler” who hoisted the King of the Jungle! After a dramatic pre-merge in which he ruffled many feathers (and palm leaves), the heart valve expert forged new bonds and quickly defeated his foes in Erie. Now he finds himself in front, slipping underwater, blending into the background and allied himself with everyone, so that Gabler never writes his name down. This is a testament to his ability to manage his threat level. But he earned many names when the jury awarded him for his bond and threat management, winning the season almost unanimously.

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