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California Regents vote in favor of moving UCLA to the Big Ten

UCLA cleared a major hurdle to attend the Big Ten Conference in 2024, receiving approval for the move from the University of California Board of Trustees on Wednesday.

At a special meeting held at the university’s Westwood campus, the board voted 11 to 5 in favor of the Bruins’ move. A simple majority was required to pass.

The Regent imposed conditions to mitigate the impact of the move on athletes. This includes UCLA investing an additional $12 million in nutritional support, mental health services, academic support during travel, and charter flights to reduce travel time.

UCLA will also have to pay UC Berkeley between $2 million and $10 million. This is because of how this move will affect the exercise program at the University of California. The Regent will determine the exact sum once the media rights deal for his upcoming Pac-12 conference is finalized.

The decision comes about five months after Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom criticized UCLA’s move.

UCLA and the University of Southern California announced on June 30 that they are leaving Pac-12 and moving to the Big Ten. USC is private and not part of the UC system.

In 1991, the campus president was delegated authority by the UC Chancellor’s Office to execute its own contracts, including interuniversity athletic agreements. However, I was told at the August meeting that the regent retains the power to review decisions affecting the UC system.

Governor’s spokeswoman Erin Mellon said, “Regent is committed to the public by ensuring that its decisions regarding sports meetings benefit, first and foremost, the student-athletes and campus communities affected by those decisions. “By requiring UCLA to nearly double its investment in student support, all student-athletes at both UCLA and Berkeley will benefit from better nutrition, mental health support, and more.” , tutoring and travel support will be more available.”

Reported by Associated Press.

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