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PMQ Live: Keir Starmer asks Rishi Sunak about nurses’ strike | Politics

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Sturmer After 12 years of Tory failure, he said, “Winter has come to our public service.”

And then there’s the prime minister curled up and hibernating.

snack Category 1 ambulance wait times for 2020 were on schedule. Covid has certainly had an impact, he says.

He looks to ‘Wales run by workers’ and says it has the ‘worst A&E times in the country’.

Sturmer As usual, Sunak says he’s trying to blame everyone. Snack says he doesn’t stand by the nurse because “he’s too weak to stand up to tax evaders.”

snack The government has said it is listening to independent payment agencies. Labor won’t give a figure on what kind of wage deal it wants. Workers are protecting their payroll managers, he said.

Sturmer They say the government has broken the health service. In order to fund more medical staff, we should abandon our non-resident status. Why doesn’t Sunak have the “guts” to do it?

snack Starmer has said he refuses to acknowledge the effects of Covid. If we listened to the workers, we would still be in lockdown.

Sturmer says nurse strike is a ‘shameful badge for this government’

Sturmer Striking nurses is “a disgrace to this government,” he said. There are human costs. He asks about Alex, a boy who is out of school in pain awaiting gallbladder surgery. His mother is desperate for the strike to be called off. She wants Sunak to explain what he is going to do.

snack He says there are millions of other people whose medical care will be interrupted. But he says workers’ formulas will “go around the table”, but only as a way to avoid taking positions. If you think the salary request is wrong, say so.

In fact, Sturmer did so on Monday.

kia starmer The parliamentarians’ prayers are with those affected by the Straits disaster. He says the gang must be stopped.

Why won’t the government stop the nurses’ strike?

snack Nurses say they are doing a great job. Nurses were up 3% last year when everyone else in the public sector was frozen.

John Stevenson (Con) says West Coast rail passengers are having a terrible experience. If Avanti doesn’t get its act together, will the government cancel the franchise?

snack The government has said it will help restore services before making any long-term decisions. Monitor Avanti’s performance closely.

Rishi Snack The MP begins by saying he shares his grief over the capsize of a small boat in the Channel and the tragic loss of life.

from the Labor Party Ben Bradshaw

If lawmakers look more inclusive #pmqs That’s because parts of the Capitol have been without heating for three weeks. A symbol of England. ???

— Ben Bradshaw (@BenPBradshaw) December 14, 2022

Rishi Snack Leaves No. 10 Ahead of PMQ
Rishi Snack Leaves No. 10 Ahead of PMQ Photo: Isabel Infantes/AFP/Getty Images


PMQ will start soon.

Here is a list of MPs to ask questions:

PMQ Photo: HoC

There’s a notable column in today’s Daily Mail.that is Sarah Vinewas married to Michael Gove, a longtime Mail columnist and never a left-hander. Is called.

She said she won’t be visiting her parents in Italy at Christmas because of the border patrol strike, and in a recent phone call, her father said Britain is the same as it was when he left. continues:

Here’s the awful truth. he is right England today is not much different than it was in 1974 when my parents decided to move to Italy.

Devastating strikes, threatened power shortages, economic stagnation, high taxation and inflation. Everything seemed relentlessly bleak for a young couple with two small children.

She says her father was ill and at some point thought she had to return to the UK. But she says she changed her mind.

Aside from the fact that the NHS won’t give him a fraction of the health care he gets in Italy, what do we have to go back to? A broken economy, a broken political system, a broken country.

Everything that got rid of him in the first place.

In her column, Vine goes into detail about who is to blame for Britain being ‘broken’. But if other Mail readers are thinking the same thing, it’s hard to believe that the party that has been in control for the past 12 years can get away with all the blame.

Richard Adams

Richard Adams

of NASUWT The teachers’ union has been granted judicial review of a new government rule allowing agency staff to be used to cover striking workers.

In September, the NASUWT filed a separate suit by Unison and a joint action coordinated by the Trade Union Congress, alleging that government agency regulations “violate fundamental rights of trade unions, including the right to strike.” , launched an appeal. The union plans to hear their appeal in the High Court next March.

The NASUWT and the National Education Union are currently voting on strikes in England and Wales, which will take place next year if approved by their members.

Patrick RoachNASUWT General Secretary said:

Government regulations seek to further undermine and undermine the right of all workers, including teachers, to take legitimate industrial action.

The right to strike is enshrined in international law, but governments are trying to prevent teachers and other workers from taking collective action to defend their jobs, wages and working conditions.

This law is in direct violation of the government’s international commitments and obligations, and it is right that this law will be scrutinized in the High Court.

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