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EdgesourceX Anti-Drone Technology Adapted for Military Solutions

Government contractor Edgesource has leveraged its experience providing anti-drone technology to security and military clients to launch EdgesourceX. This is a commercial variation of an existing platform for private corporate and personal use.

The Virginia-based company is using EdgesourceX to enter the civilian anti-drone market amid a surge in UAVs in use in the U.S. and around the world, and a concomitant increase in encroachment into prohibited airspace. entered. Over his 25 years, Edgesource has provided a variety of hardware, software and strategic consulting to various US Government clients. We are currently expanding our activities with a commercial iteration of our anti-UAV platform used in military, intelligence, and security. client.

In describing the expected private sector demand for EdgesourceX’s anti-drone capabilities, the company noted that the FBI has recently targeted both public and private airspace, subject to permanent or temporary restrictions, by UAVs. It said it was investigating some of the hundreds of illegal flights. These include intrusions into sensitive sites such as chemical manufacturing facilities, sightings near hospitals, and emergency response operations disrupting helicopter operations.

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Meanwhile, the National Football League recorded more than 1,400 UAV intrusions into prohibited stadium areas during games last season. Meanwhile, the National Baseball League Division Series contest had to be canceled to deal with a drone that flew over the diamond and hovered above second base.

The scenarios that EdgesourceX’s counter-drone solution currently seeks to address are similar to the protection of airspace near business premises, factories, utilities, and even private homes where the presence of UAVs threatens their privacy. Use case.

Chris Lansburgh, President of Edgesource, said: “This technology will enable critical infrastructure, first responders, stadium officials, celebrities and others to manage risk and privacy while protecting airspace.”

The EdgesourceX commercial counter drone line consists of two main products ideally used together and can be deployed independently or adapted to existing anti-UAV assets.

The first is the WindtalkerX detection and tracking unit, which can identify aircraft up to 20 miles away and pinpoint the exact pilot’s location while keeping watch on the UAV’s movements. Combined with the DowdingX full-screen interface, it provides real-time visual information on drone activity through an easy-to-use map similar to a smartphone app. As part of the data flow, DowdingX also automatically displays information about craft origins and the threats they may pose.

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With the current number of drones registered with the Federal Aviation Administration at 870,000 and set to skyrocket in the next few years, company officials said EdgesourceX will continue to provide the same anti-drone measures that government clients have enjoyed for years. It will be a valuable solution for private companies and individuals seeking the effectiveness of

Edgesource Chairman Tom Wilbanks said: “It demonstrates a level of commitment, a willingness to innovate and a pragmatic approach to working directly with customers to deliver results. We are pleased to bring some of these solutions to the commercial sector.” .”

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