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Commentary: Senator Collins deserves credit for leadership respecting marriage laws

The Respect for Marriage Act, the landmark civil rights law President Biden just signed into federal law, took months of hard work and compromise to secure bipartisan passage in both the Senate and House of Representatives. Through it all, Senator Susan Collins has been a credible and effective leader in support of this effort and many before it.

Senator Collins, like Maine voters, recognizes the importance of freedom to marry. In 2012, the state was the first to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples through a referendum, the Question 1 initiative, led by the people. Just as Maine has served as a national pioneer for her LGBTQ rights, Collins herself has consistently held similar positions within the Lincoln Party, committed to promoting equity and equal rights.

The effectiveness of her tenure is best illustrated by her resilience, independence, and results. In 2010, Senator Collins led a bipartisan effort to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. In 2015, she lent her name to prominent Republican and Conservative member Amicus Brief, who is one of only two sitting Republican senators. has been promoted to In each of these situations, Collins has stood for inclusivity, liberty, and fairness within the United States Senate.

In the current Congress, Collins is giving Maine and the country a big victory for her work in achieving major bipartisan initiatives such as the Infrastructure and Jobs Act, the bipartisan Safe Communities Act, and the CHIPS bill. I got it. But few circumstances show her leadership better than what happened with the Marriage Respect Act in recent weeks.

Not only did Collins lead the push to get marriage equality into federal law by drafting the bill, Collins skillfully worked with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to pass amendments that specifically protected religious freedom. adjusted. No doubt these efforts have drawn criticism from a small but vocal minority who have long opposed LGBTQ rights. But at the same time, Republicans like myself, conservatives, and many people across the country were inspired by Collins’ adamant resolve to pass the Respect Marriages Act.

Achieving passage of important legislation like the Respect Marriages Act ultimately begins with people in a conference room and ends with a meeting. Senator Collins’ ambitious commitment and desire to bring congressional leaders to the table has become an integral part of major reform of the U.S. Senate. For that reason, Mayners, and all Americans, should thank her for her leadership in making the Respect Marriage Act a reality.

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