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An alleged former SM Entertainment employee recently held an ‘AMA’ on a popular South Korean online forum

Recently, an interesting post on a South Korean online forum has been attracting attention.

On December 13th, an anonymous online user created a post titled “”.I worked at SM.” I wroteWe will answer questions, but only those that cannot be tracked. I will answer anything about the fan club. ”

The online user claimed to be a former SM Entertainment employee and explained in the comments section that he would be doing a “Ask me anything” session. Although some users were skeptical, many netizens joined the conversation and started asking various questions about working for SM Entertainment. However, an SM Entertainment employee soon discovers the identity.

Whether or not you believe this online user is really an SM Entertainment employee is up to you, but here are some interesting questions they answered on the forum.

Why did you leave the company?

Due to the pressure of the fans and the work environment, there are no days off from live performances.

The company knows fans fight like crazy, right?

– yes. they definitely know. There is also a department that manages it. Korean fans are very sensitive, so I think carefully when giving up my seat to ACE.

No, it’s not the fans who slander the company, but the fans who fight with each other.

– yes. they know They often look to Twitter to read moods.

OP, this is an interesting post and fun to read the replies… but does the company know about idols who have done something wrong before the article is written?

–There are rumors flying around. One of the most common rumors I hear is about the attitude of idols.

I am new to this area. He talked about pressure from fans. can you give an example?
For example, the location of the concert, the design of the new penlight, the timing of the comeback and album release… The pressure on the concert was really bad.

Is your salary high? I also want to work in this industry in the future.

・I feel that it is a little less than the amount of work. But I totally do not recommend it. I was so stressed out that I went insane and quit SM.

Do you know any idols you dated before the scandal came out?

– Rumors are circulating, but we must speak quietly about them. I would be embarrassed if my boss asked me.

Will the staff really take care of gifts such as birthday gifts from fans to idols?

– This is a misunderstanding, but Cheongdam Building has security guards holding artists’ items to keep staff from touching them.

Do you have a separate team managing social media or is it just one person?

– There are various teams. SM is too big for him to manage alone.

What did you prepare when you joined the company? It’s more like something you should prepare for rather than a specific experience.

– Must speak English. Also, while being part of a fandom is helpful, it’s like ticking a time bomb, so the company avoids people who used to be crazy fanatics.

Do the employees really know about idol dates and plan dating courses?

– Lorol, who said you plan a date course? That’s hilarious. why would you do that? smile. Regular employees don’t know about dating. Rumors are just spreading.

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