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2023 Economic Forecasts: Community Leadership, Business Innovation, Economic Development, Healthcare, Retail | Jax Daily Record | Jacksonville Daily Record

Finding and retaining qualified workers will be one of the major economic challenges facing Northeast Florida business leaders in 2023, and a continuing concern in 2022 and beyond.

Uncertainty, including the issue of recession, underlies the challenge.

Northeast Florida leaders offer insight into how they plan to meet the challenges of the next 12 months.

community leadership

Gracie Simenger

CEO, Leadership Jacksonville

A major economic problem facing community leaders is uncertainty about factors such as inflation, a looming recession and a shortage of affordable housing.

Gracie Simenger

All of these challenges affect our ability to plan, take risks and be innovative.

We meet this challenge by listening, identifying ways to take bold action, and working together towards progress as a community.

As a non-traditional nonprofit organization with partners and alumni representing vibrant community leadership across the corporate, government and nonprofit sectors, Solutions is ready for Jacksonville to harness its momentum. Sometimes it’s about working together.

business innovation

Jim Stallings

CEO of PS27 Ventures

A major economic problem facing business innovation is attracting and retaining quality talent and skills.

Jim Stallings

Venture capitalists and start-ups are meeting the challenge of recruiting top talent using several approaches.

One is remote work. Talented individuals are interested in flexible, hybrid work models that give startups access to experienced talent.

Internships and apprenticeships are another solution. Startups are building their own supply of technical talent from within.

Startups used to hire from big tech companies, but today it’s easier to develop the skills of inexperienced workers.

Economic development

Cindy Stover

TD Bank, North Florida Market President. 2023 Chair, JAXUSA Partnership

A major economic problem facing economic development is the attraction and development of talent.

Cindy Stover

We are able to retain and attract professional talent by continuing to attract investment and employment in our target industries.

Fintech is a good example. See Paysafe makes Jacksonville its North American headquarters.

This opens up opportunities for related industries such as banking, with TD Bank pledging to create 200 jobs in the new contact center.

This is huge for those looking to our region and shows that businesses have the talent they need and will continue to expand their talent pool.

The method of recruitment and development by the Find Your JAX Talent Attraction campaign is considered a best practice, as is the Earn Up initiative, which connects educators with companies to offer talent, internships, and more, and reach out directly to students.

Health care

Bradley Talbert

HCA Florida Memorial Hospital CEO

The major economic problems facing healthcare revolve around rising pressures of labor shortages coupled with inflation and corresponding government responses.

Bradley Talbert

The biggest problem for the industry in 2023 will be rising pressure from inflation and labor costs.

It is too early to tell how this will play out and how the government will respond.

HCA Healthcare believes it has reasonable insight into demand, payer mix and vision for the coming year and expects this to remain stable.

retail business

Frank Wallmeier

owner, standard feed and seed

A major economic problem facing the retail industry is the negative impact inflation has on customers’ disposable income and its impact on spending decisions.

Frank Wallmeier

Over the past year, our customers have made it very clear through their purchasing decisions that they care more about overall value and lower prices than ever before.

Our challenge is always to find ways to offer the best possible product at the best possible price.

This has been difficult given recent inflationary pressures, especially commodities such as corn, wheat and fertilizer, whose prices have risen due to the war in Ukraine.

It also means finding new comparable products at better price points and offering smaller quantities at lower overall prices.

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