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Talkdesk Survey Reveals Expected Results of Technology Investments – WWD

According to Talkdesk’s latest research on customer engagement, retailers and brands are shifting from cost savings to investments aimed at creating a more “unified engagement” with shoppers. Additionally, the report’s authors noted that while growth remains a priority, “the way companies want to achieve it has changed. Client acquisition remains important, but loyalty is the new north star.”

A company survey found that 41% of respondents plan to invest in video chat, and 39% say they plan to invest in voice-based, artificially intelligent virtual agents. “Almost a third (31%) said he would invest in livestream video channels such as YouTube, TikTok and Twitch for customer support,” notes the report.

On the other hand, 24% of those surveyed said they “plan to deliver consistent, interactive engagement via next-generation channels such as the Metaverse and support augmented or virtual reality interactions within the next two years.” , 12% say they are already doing it.”

When asked about the biggest return from investing in customer service software, 54% want improved customer retention. New customer acquisition followed at 48%, followed by contact center revenue growth at 40%.

Shannon Flanagan, Vice President of Retail and Consumer Goods at Talkdesk, said: What we can expect is a shift away from cost reduction, which is the number one priority for CX investments. Instead, brands have come to understand the strategic importance of engaging service experiences as a way to drive growth and retention. ”

Flanagan also said companies are “focusing on going beyond transactional and reactive customer service, but those efforts are hampered by talent and technology challenges.” It highlights change and shows how brands can achieve their CX goals today.”

Some of these shifts in priorities are due to macroeconomic factors, such as a shortage of customer-facing staff, the report’s authors say, “needing to rethink customer service delivery.” I’m here.

The authors of the report found that survey participants “cited this as the most important hurdle to achieving their customer service goals. It is imperative to equip and empower staff to connect to meaningful career growth.”

Additionally, these factors have led Talkdesk to find that more and more retailers are turning to non-traditional customer support channels. “In fact, brand ambassadors and influencers (29%) are included (35%) among the resources available to customers for responding to questions and service inquiries,” notes the report.

The report’s authors say that consumers are already on board with this trend, with “more than a third (38%) of retailers surveyed say their customers rely on brand ambassadors and influencers for service and support.” He said he would like to provide it as a resource.”

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