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Record numbers of women leaders hold first LA Council meeting on Tuesday

A record-breaking number of women will turn up on the Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday, December 13th.

City Councilman Monica Rodriguez spoke today about the wave of female leadership in the Los Angeles area.

“Historically, it’s been an environment dominated by male leaders that has put women on the sidelines. But now we have an incredible compilation of female leaders looking to work together to build progress in this city. I have so many tapestries,” Rodriquez said.

Karen Bass has just been inaugurated as Los Angeles’ first female mayor, and Heidi Feldstein Soto has just been inaugurated as LA’s first female city attorney, making history.

Only three of the 15 city council members were women after Nury Martinez, the speaker of the city council, stepped down due to resignation last month. Newly elected members Eunises Hernandez, Katie Young Yaroslavski and Tracy Park join September’s appointments Nithia Raman, Monica Rodriguez and Heather Hutt.

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