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Microsoft climbs to the top of the ‘Best Companies’ list, but other tech companies fall down the rankings


For the third year in a row, Microsoft tops the list of America’s Best Companies.

Compiled by the Drucker Institute at Claremont Graduate University, the ranking compares the largest publicly traded companies in the United States on the Wall Street Journal’s (WSJ) Top 250 Management List.

Microsoft topped the list, followed by Apple (2nd), IBM (3rd), General Motors (4th) and Whirlpool (5th). As the WSJ noted, his first five spots were occupied by tech companies last year. This year’s top five consist of his three companies founded before World War I. IBM and Whirlpool were founded in 1911 and GM was founded in his 1908.

Google’s parent company Alphabet had a weaker year this year, ranking just behind Walmart and Home Depot at No. 24, but chipmakers AMD and Qualcomm (which share No. 25), and Verizon (No. 27). surpassed. Facebook’s parent company Meta ranks low at 130, partly because of slowing revenue growth and a low customer satisfaction rating of 32.5. Meta ranked him 31st in 2021.

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Intel and came in 7th and 8th, and six of the top 10 were still technology companies. Johnson & Johnson and Mastercard rounded out the top ten.

Other technology companies in the top 20 include HP Inc (12), Cisco (14), and Adobe (15).

The WSJ points out that Meta, Amazon, Alphabet, Uber and Salesforce have dropped in the rankings this year.

The Drucker Institute gives each company a total “effectiveness” score out of 100 based on scores in five categories, including customer satisfaction, employee engagement and development, innovation, social responsibility, and financial strength. give Data sources include JD Power, Glassdoor, and Clarivate.

Microsoft scores 48.6 for Customer Satisfaction, 70.8 for Employee Engagement and Development, 133.7 for Innovation, 73.5 for Social Responsibility and 91.7 for Financial Strength, with an overall Effectiveness score of 98.6. did. Apple’s scores were 60.7, 61.6, 90.3, 65.9, and 92.7 respectively, with an “effectiveness” score of 83.2. IBM scored 51.4 for financial strength and 99 for innovation.

According to the WSJ, Amazon recorded the biggest drop in overall score among the top 250 companies this year.

Rick Wartzman, director of the KH Moon Center for a Functioning at the Drucker Institute, said: society.

Elon Musk’s company was scattered across the list. Tesla ranked him 76th this year, behind PayPal, which was born out of an online bank he co-founded as Space X is not listed as it is not listed. His Twitter, which he took ownership of in October, was not included in the WSJ’s top 250, but on the Drucker Institute’s underlying Top 1000 list, he ranks 680th. increase.

The Institute’s ranking used data through the end of June, before Elon Musk took over Twitter.Telsa had an overall score of 64.6 and a financial strength score of 87.6.

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The WSJ notes that automakers’ rise in this year’s ranking is due to electric vehicles improving their social responsibility and customer satisfaction scores.

GM and Ford have been waiting a long time to launch new electric models. Ford, which announced in March that it would spend $50 billion to ramp up production of electric vehicles by 2026, climbed from 26th last year to 15th today. GM’s ranking rose from 16th last year. Whirlpool, meanwhile, surged from his 39th place last year to his fifth place on the strength of customer satisfaction, social responsibility and innovation scores.

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