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Thematically heavy, but Soulwax keeps the atmosphere light with his contributions to the soundtrack Grand Theft Auto Online: Los Santos Drag Wars.

The game’s major update, released on Tuesday (December 13th), will be accompanied by original songs from artists including Soulwax. His two works on the game include “Autoclown,” a bouncy piece by his icon of Belgian electronic that mimics the psychedelic theme of the game itself. Listen to an exclusive clip from this track below. (“KOWALSKI” is another new contribution to his Soulwax score, featured in the just-released game’s trailer.)



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Watch the latest videos, charts and news

“When Rockstar approached us to participate, Grand Theft Auto V, We were really excited about this opportunity,” said Soulwax. billboard in a joint statement. “I had such a great time crafting and selecting his original Soulwax FM tracks that I ended up creating so many ideas that I couldn’t fit them all into the final mix. come to us again gta online, We went back to those original ideas and started shaping them into a new score. los santos drug war

Soulwax FM refers to radio stations featured on grand theft auto v and in Grand Theft Auto Online, GTA Developer Rockstar Games has been heavily incorporating electronic music into games over the years, with appearances, radio stations, and soundtrack contributions from notable artists such as The Blessed Madonna and Moodymann. In 2021, gaming’s Rocktstar Games also partnered with Ibiza-based club brand CircoLoco for their joint venture, CircoLoco Records.

Rockstar Games Vice President of Music Ivan Pavlovich said: billboard“Soulwax FM’s Driving Dance and Left Field’s Lost Gems have created such a classic station. Their music is the perfect atmosphere for a wild, psychedelic experience.” los santos drug war

part 2 of los santos drug war will be released in early 2023.

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