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Falls Theater in Little Falls Begins Refurbishment for Reopening Next Year

A historic building in downtown Little Falls is undergoing a much-needed renovation. The Falls Theater has been empty since the summer of 2020, but new owners are on a mission to bring back films and live theater performances open to the public.

Formerly known as Falls Cinema, the building, along with many other businesses, had to close due to the pandemic. After being idle for a while, Phil and Susie’s prosapio bought it. It won’t be easy, but they knew they could always give them the love and care they needed.

The owner’s plan is to restore the theater to its 1938 appearance. We want to have a restaurant and his 3rd screen in the building next door.

The main reason for the renovation is the aging of the approximately 90-year-old building. It is the drywall, insulation and certain parts of the roof that are replaced. The building has deteriorated over the years and will require an entirely new mechanical system, all new plumbing, and a projection system.

For very old buildings, business challenges can arise given all that Eagle Construction has found.

During the restoration, many historical elements were discovered that Prosapios did not know existed. Poster-like items were found covered by curtains or hidden in the ceiling. There are other things that may still be lying behind other doors and walls.

Since the reopening announcement, public feedback has been tremendous.

Contegrity Group Inc. Project Manager Joe Imholte said: “They are excited. [renovations]I’m sure we are selling tickets now.

Eagle Construction has multiple projects a year and explained why it is important to keep buildings like this intact and what it means to represent something historic.

“Buildings have a lot of value in a small town. It’s nice to keep something like this,” said Noah Iten, a worker at Eagle Construction. “There should be more people who take pride in the history of their city.”

“Our reason is to give people in this community places to play, places to shop, places to eat, giving people opportunities and opportunities, and that’s what we care about. .

The theater originally opened on June 15, 1933, but the owner’s goal is to open the building to the public on June 15, 2023, for its 90th anniversary.

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