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Duluth Mayor Seeks Third Term Due to Unfinished Business Including New Library – Duluth News Tribune

Duluth — From her perch at Lakewalk Plaza on Tuesday morning, Mayor Emily Larson formally announced her intention to seek a third term at the helm of the city. And she laid out a series of lists of projects still underway or not yet started, including plans for “a new library with community, health, and workforce services.”

Larson also sought a redevelopment of Pastre Terrace, once home to Cozy Bar and Apartments. Lot D Waterfront Site. Atlas Industrial Park, a former Kmart in Spirit Valley. The former site of Central High School on the hillside of Duluth.

“We are ready to make this happen. Together,” she said.

Larson was elected in November 2015, becoming Duluth’s first female mayor with a 67.3% win over Chuck Horton. She won a second term with 66.9% of the vote against David Knoll.

If Larson’s bid for another term is successful, she would join the ranks of Duluth’s longest-serving mayors, including John Fed and Gary Doughty. A period of 16 years.

Larson launched another ambitious initiative as part of his effort to “build a better Duluth.” It is “fulfilling the community’s commitment to broadband her equity to ensure that all residents of the community have access to fast, reliable, and affordable Internet access.” To this end, the city is working to launch a pilot project data network in the Lincoln Park area.

Duluth Mayor Emily Larson Speaks at Press Conference, Announces Candidate for Third Term

Emily Larson announced her candidacy for a third term.

Jed Carlson / Superior Telegram

The mayor noted the economic progress the city has achieved, including a record number of building permits issued by the city of Duluth in 2021. This represents a new investment of $500 million.

“From enabling the Cirrus Innovation Center, to saving the paper mills, investing in start-ups, to aggressively recruiting hundreds of millions of dollars for new development investments across the city, we are more than ever. We were in a strong position financially,” Larson said.

Larson noted the establishment of a road plan backed by a dedicated excise tax under her leadership. This resulted in 14 to 17 miles of local road repairs each year, compared to 2 miles per year before she took office.

She noted working with the LISC to create a $16 million housing trust fund, and also spoke about the city’s ongoing efforts to address the city’s need for more affordable housing.

“Since 2016, we have added a total of 1,500 new residential units across Duluth. In the past year alone, we have invested in over 350 new homes, with 500 currently planned for downtown alone.” Mr Larson said.

Duluth Mayor Emily Larson discusses her accomplishments over the past eight years at a press conference announcing her candidacy for a third term.

Duluth Mayor Emily Larson talks about her accomplishments over the past eight years.

Jed Carlson / Superior Telegram

“I don’t take your trust and trust in me for granted. I’m not standing here because now is an easier time to lead,” she said. . “I am standing here because it is not. This is an incredibly difficult and critical time in our community’s recovery from the pandemic. It is important to do

When asked if he had greater political ambitions to serve at the state or congressional level, Larson replied: This is the work I am committed to. And I’m not convinced that a bigger job is a better job.

Duluth Mayor Emily Larson thanks her supporters from the podium during a press conference

Emily Larson thanks her supporters from the podium.

Jed Carlson / Superior Telegram

“I don’t know if I can get a better job than waking up and living in a community,” she said. It’s very personal. And you have a very close relationship with the community. No buffer. No hiding. You have to be candid and clear about who you are and who you are to the community, which is very rewarding. ”

Duluth Mayor Emily Larson (left) announced her bid for re-election Tuesday morning

Duluth Mayor Emily Larson (left) announced the tender at Lakewalk Plaza at Canal Park in Duluth.

Jed Carlson / Superior Telegram

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