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Digital Journal Welcomes Tech Entrepreneur Qamar Zaman as Contributor

DALLAS, Texas–(Newsfile Corp.-December 13, 2022)–Digital Journal, a digital media business known for being a voice in the news cycle since 1998, publishes KISS PR Digital Marketing and KISS PR Brand Story welcomed Qamar Zaman, the founder of , which becomes a contributor to his news publication online.


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Zaman founded KISS PR and its companion platform, KISSPR Brand Story, in 2003 to democratize storytelling and help small business owners speak up and amplify their stories. The Next Web describes him as “a tech guru, a storyteller and a motivator who helps people connect.”

In addition to his new role as a contributor to the Digital Journal, Zaman is also a member of the Forbes Agency Council. The Forbes Agency Council is an invite-only community for senior executives in advertising, marketing, public relations and related fields. He has also contributed to prominent publications such as HuffPost, Next Web, LA Weekly and The Village Voice. Some of his work on HuffPost include:

Zaman is also the author of two books on digital marketing. The Mysteries Behind Google Maps Rankings: How to Rank Your Business Higher When Create a Google Knowledge Panel with Press Releases.

He is currently writing his next book. mastermindset, he reveals his near-death experience in 2004 and how he went on to create a successful platform. In an interview on the Entrepreneur’s Action and Ambition podcast, Zaman shares part of this story.

“I started a small tech startup with the idea of ​​KISS PR on paper napkins at Cafe del Sol in Grand Cayman in 2002. After surviving a near-death experience from Hurricane Ivan in 2004, I returned to Dallas to restart. When I think of these words of Bruce Lee, I am not afraid of those who know 10,000 kicks, but I am afraid of those who know one kick and practice 10,000. Becoming a better version of yourself. “

With his new elite status as a contributor to the Digital Journal, Zaman covers news on the latest trends in digital content.

About Digital Journal

Digital Journal is a global media platform and content partner that raises the voice of the news cycle by covering and reporting first stories. Founded in 1998, Digital Journal is an independent media company that reaches millions of readers each month.

About Kamal Zaman

Qamar Zaman is an American technology entrepreneur and founder of KISS PR, an award-winning press release distribution ecosystem. His current position is Managing Director of Storytellers Inc. Storytellers Inc is a news initiative that partners with global news publishers and media outlets to create a news and PR framework. Zaman is the author of the e-book How to Create a Google Knowledge Panel Using Press Releases, a member of the Forbes Council and a top sort of leader and expert in digital transformation. is mentioned in

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