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“Business Development Team of the Year” at the Scrip Awards

Amsterdam, December 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Synaffix BV (Synaffix) is a biotechnology company focused on commercializing clinical-stage platform technology for the development of antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) with best-in-class therapeutic indices. The company was named “Business Development Team of the Year” today at the annual Scrip Awards ceremony held on the 30thth November at Royal Lancaster London, UKThe award follows on the heels of winning ‘Biotech Company of the Year 2022’ at last month’s annual LSX, European Lifestars Awards Ceremony. London Awarded “Best ADC Platform Technology” at World ADC Conference 2022 in September.

The Scrip Award recognizes the Synaffix Business Development (BD) team for delivering high-value deals and world-class science in the high-demand ADC space. The BD team has helped him close six licensing deals during his eligibility period. $500 million To billion dollarsThese include agreements with Mersana (billion dollars), gammab ($415 million), Macrogenics ($586 million), Kyowa Kirin (price undisclosed), emergent therapy ($360 million).In addition, transactional activity to date has seen five ADCs enter clinical development with a total potential transaction value of $3.6 billion in all partnerships.

Anthony DeBoerSynaffix’s Vice President of Business Development said: “we are I am honoredo This award recognizes partner activity in the ADC space by an independent judging panel of industry leaders and experts. To date, he has established 10 of his partnerships with major biotech and pharmaceutical companies, with 17 ADCs coming out of deals and 5 ADC programs entering clinical development. Shifting the cancer care landscape from chemotherapy to targeted approaches to each disease is a major undertaking and we are very much committed to contributing to these efforts using our innovative technologies. Ambitious. We thank our growing family of biotech and pharmaceutical partners for their trust and support over the years and will build additional partnerships aimed at bringing best-in-class targeted cancer treatments to patients in need. I’m looking forward to it. ”

Technology licensing is central to Synaffix’s corporate strategy, leveraging its proprietary platform to deliver best-in-class targeted cancer therapies from partner antibodies. Our ADC technology platform enables a rapid timeline to clinic with an established supply chain of technology components. Granted patents covering Synaffix’s technology provide end-to-end protection for the technology and resulting products through at least 2035. Synaffix’s business model is the out-licensing of target-specific technology, as exemplified in existing deals.

About Synapix BV

Synaffix BV is a biotechnology company enabling ADC product candidates with its clinical-stage, site-specific ADC technology platform based on GlycoConnect™, HydraSpace™, and toxSYN™. This will allow any company with antibodies to develop their own best-in-class products. ADC products under a single license from Synaffix.

The Synaffix platform enables rapid timelines to clinic with an established supply chain for technology components. Granted patents covering Synaffix’ technology provide end-to-end protection for manufacturing technology and resulting products through at least 2035. Synaffix’s business model is the licensing of target-specific technology, as exemplified by its existing deal with ADC. Therapeutics, Mersana Therapeutics, Shanghai Miracogen, Innovent Biologics, ProfoundBio, Kyowa Kirin, Genmab, Macrogenics, Emergence Therapeutics.

Synaffix is ​​backed by a leading life sciences-focused investor syndicate including Aravis, BioGeneration Ventures, BOM Capital, and M Ventures.

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About Synaffix ADC Platform Technology

Synaffix’s proprietary ADC technology platform consists of GlycoConnect™, HydraSpace™ and toxSYN™ technologies. Both GlycoConnect™ and HydraSpace™ are clinical-stage technologies that enable best-in-class ADCs with significantly improved efficacy and tolerability.

GlycoConnect™ is a conjugation technology that utilizes native antibody glycans for site-specific and stable payload attachment, and is tunable into DAR1, DAR2, or DAR4 formats. HydraSpace™ is a compact, highly polar spacer technology specifically designed to further enhance the therapeutic index with hydrophobic payloads. toxSYN™ is a linker payload platform that spans major validated MOAs for ADC product development, including SYNtecan E™ and SYNeamicin G™ among other linker payloads.

The combination of these three technologies provides developers with a “one-stop”, easy-to-use ADC technology platform, antibody developers to develop their own ADCs, and ADC developers to further expand their pipeline. You can increase your competitiveness.

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