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9 tech gift ideas for the cannabis users in your life TechCrunch

Slowly but surely, state by state, the United States is becoming more cannabis-friendly. As more and more states have legalized (or at least decriminalized) weed, so too have the number of companies developing amazing products for cannabis users.

Do you have friends who are participating in it and live somewhere cool? Why not upgrade their experience with cannabis-focused flashy tech this holiday season? represents the various products of

From consumption devices to storage bins to coffee table items, there’s something for everyone here. None of these fit the bill? Give a pre-roll. Everyone loves a good pre-roll.

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Dyna Vap

DynaVaps are my favorite. They are pocketed and produce a large cloud of vapor.Think of it as a one-hitter arc with a thermometer. Heat the tip first with a torch or induction heater. The cap will click in about 3-5 seconds to notify the user that the herbs are at the correct temperature and ready to use. Cannabis lasts about 3-4 cycles. The cap protects the ground flowers from flames, so there is no burning or smoke, just steam and very little odor.

DynaVap vaporizers are CNC machined at the company’s facility in DeForest, Wisconsin. George Breiwa founded the company in 2015 and currently employs about 40 people. The company sells several versions of the small metal arc, from the $50 “B” to the $220 Titanium Omni.

WARNING: I’ve given friends a bunch of DynaVaps and have found that people either love it or hate it. Getting good clouds takes a little practice.

Image credit: Matt Burns

puffco proxy

Pafco has been a market leader in innovative cannabis vaporizers. Puffco Peak Pro is one of the best e-rigs available and the company has announced a new vape called Proxy that offers the Peak Pro’s best features and can be built into a variety of form factors. .

Don’t let the nice pipe fool you. It’s just a shard of glass. The proxy slides into the piece of glass. Think of the Proxy as a modular dubbing rig that fits into any form factor made for the unit. Bubbler? of course. glass beaker? yes. pipe? clearly.

The $299 self-contained rig is roughly the size of a tall D-cell battery. Inside, it has the same heating element as the company’s other flagship, the Peak Pro. The battery can be charged via USB-C, and the unit comes pre-programmed with four different heat levels.

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Hitoki Saber

Get this: Hitoki Saber uses a high powered laser to set the bowl on fire. Not cheap, but a great (and fun) alternative to butane lighters. Just press a button to fire a laser into a full bowl. Best of all, with the right adapter, it works with any piece of glass. Also, above all laser.

The Saber is Hitoki’s second device to debut a laser system with an all-in-one Trident rig. The Trident is considerably larger than the Saber, but features an integrated water chamber and mouthpiece.

Lighting the pot with a laser is not a cheap solution. Both Hitoki products are expensive, with the Saber at $359 and the Trident at $499.

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Kush card

KushKards are great. As I said above, if you have nothing else in your life for a stoner, give them a pre-roll.

Each of these clever greeting cards has a special place to hold your pre-rolls and is designed around cute one-liners like “Collaborate with the World” and “Light Up the Holidays.”

Cards start at $7 and include the option to bundle holiday-themed one-hitters.

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foliage plant car lighter

Seth Rogen’s weed brand manufactures and sells amazing cannabis products. the best one? I’m a car writer. It’s a fun re-use of the classic pop-up car lighter that we burned our thumbs on as kids, now housed in a heavy block perfect for our coffee table. After a few seconds it pops up and you’re ready to set your next joint on fire.

The car lighter is made of marble and is available in two colors, green and gray. At $280, it’s a bit of a statement piece.

Image credit: Green: Marijuana Field Guide

Green: Marijuana Field Guide

Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana is a lovely coffee table book filled with beautiful photographs of classic strains. It’s marketed as a go-to guide, but for me, it’s the perfect book to flip through during your smoking session.You’ll learn about 170 different marijuana strains, flavors, and effects. And the photos are exceptional!

For the aspiring weed grower in your life, choose this book instead. An all-in-one source of information.

Storz & Bickel Mighty+

Image credit: Storz & Bickel

Storz & Bickel Mighty+

This is the best vaporizer available. It’s reliable, cooks a lot of herbs, and produces the best steam out of any device.

Storz & Bickel released the original in 2014 and released an updated version in October 2021. The new Mighty+ features faster heating times, USB-C charging, and a ceramic-filled chamber that’s much easier to clean than the original.

A quick tip: Mighty+ has an orange arrow button, whereas the original is grey. you want something new

Markus Storz started developing herb vaporizers in 1996 and in 2002 Jürgen Bickel joined the Storz-Bickel board of directors. The company still sells the original breakthrough device, the Volcano, and some cheaper products. The company is based in Germany and the vaporizer has medical device certification. In 2018, Canadian cannabis giant Canopy Growth acquired Storz & Bickel. Jürgen Bickel remains with the company and conducts day-to-day operations.

Want something smaller? The Crafty+ is cheaper and smaller, but has nearly as much power as the Mighty+.

storage container

Image credit: Jonathan Adler (opens in new window)

It’s 2022. Do not store buds in plastic bags. Proper containers store greens better, and there are countless options.

The Libbey BudShield isn’t understated, but it features a handsome look and full glass construction. $35 for 3.

The Staze features a unique design with an anti-odor design and a built-in airtight vacuum sealer. $18

The Higher Stand Mason Jar is an upgraded Mason Jar. The 8-ounce jar is child-safe, made in the USA, and features a 100% silicone Higher Standards brand koozie that wraps around the jar. $30.

Jonathan Adler sells trendy homewares. In 2022, few products are as trendy as weed. Household goods companies have lines of storage containers designed to be clearly labeled. This includes this lovely porcelain canister with a huge hand painted His Weed label. $30.

Need to hide your stash? Amazon and Etsy have countless diversion storage containers. This Barbasol version is my favourite. $18.99

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(fake) potted plant

Give a potted plant this holiday. But not real. These are fake plants designed for display. There are various sizes and fake stocks. The clone (smallest option) is 10 inches tall and costs $30. Like real clones, the plastic plants are subtle because they make it look like they are still in an ungerminated state.

Teenage plants are 16 inches tall and feature several small buds. Adults are 22 inches and have some false buds on the main cola. The $165, 36-inch-tall Mother Pot Plant is a monster fake plant with frosty buds all over the plant.

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