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New Report Outlines Northwest Arkansas’ Roadmap to Mobile Leadership

Cyrus Sigali, Chairman of the Arkansas Council on Future Mobility, presents the final report to Gov. Asa Hutchinson.Photo: Courtesy of Governor Hutchinson

From rocket ships to scooters, a new report outlines how Arkansas is leveraging its existing expertise to become a leader in all mobile areas.

News promotion: An appointed council of business leaders, academics and policymakers handed the advisory document to Gov. Asa Hutchinson at a press conference on Thursday.

Important reasons: The global transportation and logistics industry is worth approximately $10 trillion annually. Meanwhile, burgeoning industries related to new technologies, such as flying cars and public sector space travel, are estimated to reach $1 trillion by 2040.

Big picture: Arkansas can tap into these areas because it has a wealth of transportation intelligence in companies like Walmart, JB Hunt and Tyson Foods that manage more than 30,000 semi trucks.

detail: The report provides detailed recommendations in six key areas:

  • Call for investments to fuel the new mobility economy economically.
  • Strengthen the workforce and academia to build a qualified workforce.
  • Established an organizational foundation in the form of establishing a government office centered on advanced mobility.
  • Arrange community events and storytelling to educate citizens about the benefits of your industry.

  • Partner with surrounding states to leverage local know-how.
  • Make policy changes to support the growth of EVs and advanced mobility.

environment: Hutchinson formed the group in February, a day before announcing a collaboration between several organizations aimed at making the state a leader in “next-generation transportation.”

What’s next: The council submitted a final report to the governor and formally closed the project.

  • At a press conference, Mr Hutchinson said it was up to the next government and the General Assembly to implement the recommendations.

Further details: Read the full report or watch the press conference.

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