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New Marti Suzuki Brezza Sub 4m compact SUV gets wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Maruti Suzuki has provided an update to its hot-selling new Brezza that will be loved by new buyers as well as existing owners of the sub-4m compact SUV. The new Brezza gets wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for the SmartPlay Pro+ touchscreen infotainment system. This means that the new Brezza also adds turn-by-turn navigation on the head-up display and multi-information display. The new features are pre-programmed into the Brezza compact SUV, which will be manufactured from December 2022, but existing owners will have their Over-The-Air (OTA) available on Maruti Suzuki’s website. ) can also benefit from downloading updates. Alternatively, you can ask your nearest Maruti Suzuki dealer for the update. Updates are downloaded for free to Brezza’s touchscreen infotainment units.

New Marti Brezza gets wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay: existing owners benefit too

Prior to this update, the SmartPlay Pro+ touchscreen infotainment system offered in the new Multiblazer required cables to connect the smartphone to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay features. Our latest update gets rid of the cables and seamlessly connects to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Expect to see this update on all Maruti Suzuki vehicles with the SmartPlay Pro+ infotainment system in the future.

CNG Power Brezza: Coming Soon!

Coming back to the new Brezza, the 2nd generation model is larger than its predecessor and looks very sturdy thanks to the new design language. More fearless than ever, the new Brezza comes standard with his 1.5-liter K15C petrol engine, with a petrol-CNG option coming soon for those looking to keep running costs down. While running on petrol, his 1.5 liter K15C motor produces 100 Bhp-137 Nm and 87 Bhp-122 Nm on CNG. The official launch of his CNG-powered Maruti Brezza is just around the corner. The Brezza CNG has already started arriving at Maruti Suzuki Arena dealers nationwide, and the official specs for the SUV are already out. It’s only a matter of time before the price is announced and could be around Rs. 30,000 more expensive than comparable petrol variants. This makes the Brezza CNG very affordable and a great alternative to diesel SUVs.

Another notable highlight of the Brezza CNG is the fact that the SUV is available with a 5-speed manual and a 6-speed torque converter automatic transmission (the same gearbox offered on the petrol engine). With this move, Maruti Suzuki offers buyers of his CNG SUVs the option of an automatic gearbox for the first time.

Powerful hybrids are also on the way

New Marti Brezza gets wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay: existing owners benefit too

In the future, the new Marti Brezza may be equipped with a powerful hybrid petrol engine. Maruti Suzuki already offers a powerful hybrid with the Grand Vitara, an SUV that ranks above the Brezza in terms of price and positioning. The automaker also notes that powerful petrol-hybrid options will soon be available on a range of new vehicles, including the next-generation Swift and Dzire. So it’s only a matter of time before the new Brezza will also have a powerful hybrid option. The current Brezza is offered with a petrol engine mild hybrid.

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