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Facet had a great life in business and politics

He could have been President of the United States. Elmira His college campus has a building named after him. He presented a gold watch to the Korean emperor.

He has served as Chemung County District Attorney, Port of New York Collector, State Senator, Representative, and ran for Governor of New York.

Known as the “Father of Golf” at Elmira, he also published the Elmira Advertiser. At his funeral he was called “Elmira’s most eminent son”.

Jacob Throat Facet (November 13, 1853 – April 21, 1924) was a truly remarkable man.

J. Sloat Facet was a business owner, Kemungu County District Attorney, congressman, and ran for Governor of New York, among other accomplishments.

His daughter, Jeanie Facet Learned, told the Rotary Club of Elmira on October 15, 1952, that early in the morning when she was doing the chore of moving the family’s cattle to pasture from her home at 460 West Church Street I’m talking about and she came home in the evening. According to her, he “brought a slate to school and studied the 3Rs thoroughly. He went to church and studied all the passages of the Bible. often quoted.”

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